THESE 5 items in your car can result in a fine and even seizure of the vehicle; understand!

When a driver obtains a driver’s license, he agrees to follow the rules that the CTB establishes, or he may face a fine. They also apply to the condition of the car.

Did you know that certain carelessness with your car can not only compromise traffic safety, but also result in heavy fines and even vehicle detention?

Everything that the Brazilian Traffic Code (CTB) establishes is in the law because it can cause potential problems for drivers and third parties. In this sense, it is important to respect it.

That said, stay up to date with 5 crucial items that deserve regular checking to ensure not only your safety but also that of everyone around you.

Did you know that leaving your car in certain conditions can result in a fine? See what to do to avoid this headache. / Photo: publicity

Items you should check to avoid getting fined

As previously stated, the CTB is concerned about the safety and health of drivers, as well as other components that are part of traffic, such as pedestrians.

For this reason, everything must be in order, from the drivers and their driving to the vehicles that are traveling on the roads. Check out details to pay attention to at these times.

The horn: warning sign

Firstly, this is a seemingly simple but essential item. The horn must always be in proper working order, as its absence or malfunction can result in a fine of R$195.23 and add 5 points to your driver’s license. Make sure it is always ready to use.

Tools and spare tire: prevention is the secret to not getting a fine

Imagine yourself in an emergency situation without your spare tire or the necessary tools, such as a jack and tire iron.

In addition to the inconvenience, the lack of these items can result in a fine of R$195.23 and an additional 5 points on your license.

Fire extinguisher: optional but important

Although it is no longer mandatory, if you choose to have a fire extinguisher in your vehicle, it must be within its expiration date.

An expired extinguisher can lead to a fine of R$ 195.23, 5 points on the driver’s license and retention of the vehicle for regularization.

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Windshield wipers: clear vision

Dry or damaged reeds compromise visibility and, consequently, safety.

Driving in these conditions can cost you a fine of R$195.23 and retention of the car until the problem is resolved.

Identification plates: your vehicle’s identity

Illegible, worn or dented license plates make it difficult to identify the vehicle and are considered a very serious infraction, with a fine of R$ 293.47, 7 points on the driver’s license and vehicle retention.

Can a vehicle in poor condition generate a fine?

Driving a vehicle in poor condition not only compromises traffic safety but can also result in significant fines.

Items such as worn tires, faulty lights, inefficient brakes, or any other fault that could put the safety of the vehicle and occupants at risk are subject to penalties.

Therefore, the Brazilian Traffic Code provides for fines and points on the driver’s license for infractions related to poor vehicle maintenance, which may even lead to the retention of the vehicle until the irregularities are remedied. It is essential to keep the vehicle in good condition to avoid fines and ensure everyone’s safety.

Be sure to check the items to avoid a fine!

Remember, preventive maintenance not only avoids fines but also ensures safer traffic for everyone. Pay attention to these details and contribute to a more responsible and safe driving environment.

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