The name that the AirPods Pro almost have: AirPods Extreme

Before the launch of the AirPods Pro in October 2019, Apple considered the possibility of naming its high-end wireless headphones AirPods Extreme. This revelation, obtained by MacRumors through internal information, shows a fascinating look at the naming deliberations within Apple.

Before settling on the name AirPods Pro, Apple seriously considered "AirPods Extreme," reflecting the company’s commitment to innovation and superior quality in its products.

A name change consideration

The idea of ​​calling them AirPods Extreme came from at least one member of Apple’s leadership team. However, the proposal met resistance; Many employees opposed the change, leading the company to ultimately decide on the name AirPods Pro.

The decision for “Pro”

The choice of "Pro" for AirPods follows brand logic consistent with other Apple product lines. The company offers regular and Pro versions of several of its devices, including the iPhone, iPad and Mac. It is rumored that there could even be a regular version of the future Apple Vision Pro headset. Although Apple has experimented with other suffixes for high-end products, such as AirPods Max and Apple Watch Ultra, the “Pro” nomenclature reflects a high standard of quality and performance across its product ecosystem.

Evolution and future of AirPods Pro

Following the initial launch of the AirPods Pro, Apple continued to innovate in this line with the introduction of the second generation in September 2022, which included a USB-C charging case among other features. Rumors are already circulating about the third generation of AirPods Pro, expected in 2025, underscoring Apple’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation in its headphone offering.

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