The MEI excluded from Simples Nacional gained another chance to regularize itself; know how!

Every MEI excluded from Simples Nacional gained another chance to become regular, but it is important not to miss the new deadlines, or there is a chance of being left out of this modality for good.

If you are an Individual Microentrepreneur (MEI) and have recently found yourself excluded from the Simples Nacional regime, a new opportunity opens up for you.

Fortunately, there is a new opportunity to join the system, something that will make your life as an entrepreneur much easier. See how to do the process and don’t waste time!

If you are a MEI excluded from Simples Nacional, it is a good idea to keep an eye on the new regularization deadlines. Take the chance! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

What are the tax obligations of a MEI?

Firstly, the main one is the Simples Nacional Annual Declaration (DASN-SIMEI), which informs the previous year’s revenue, which must not exceed R$81,000.00.

In addition, the MEI must pay the Simples Nacional Collection Document (DAS) monthly, which includes taxes such as INSS, ISS and ICMS, depending on the activity carried out.

Another responsibility is to keep income and expense records up to date, facilitating proof of income and financial organization.

New chance for MEI excluded from Simples Nacional

In a joint effort by entities such as Comicro and Conampe, together with the Ministry of Entrepreneurship, Microenterprise and Small Businesses (MEPP), the "Desenrola PJ" program was developed.

This program, under the leadership of Minister Márcio França, aims to support the fiscal regularization of MEIs and micro-enterprises, in addition to facilitating access to more affordable lines of credit.

Deadline for MEI excluded from Simples Nacional to regularize

Originally, the deadline for tax regularization of MEI excluded from Simples Nacional was January 31st.

However, this deadline was extended until March 5th, offering more time for entrepreneurs to organize themselves and pay off or pay off their debts in installments.

It is crucial to take advantage of this extension to recover the benefits of Simples Nacional, including issuing an invoice and contributing to social security.

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What happens if there is no regularization?

In short, failure to regularize by January 1, 2024 will result in definitive exclusion from SIMEI. To return to the system, it will be necessary to wait until next year.

From 2025, there will be a new chance to request inclusion in Simples Nacional, as long as all financial issues are resolved.

Disputing your deletion

Now, the MEI excluded from Simples Nacional has the right to contest this exclusion online, through the e-CAC portal (of the Federal Revenue.

Challenging the exclusion term suspends the process until a final decision is made, but prevents a new option for Simples Nacional during this period.

How to regularize

If you were excluded from Simples Nacional, it is essential to check the reasons that led to this situation.

Using the Entrepreneur Portal (it is possible to identify problems associated with your CNPJ.

In general, common factors for exclusion include failure to pay the mandatory monthly fee and failure to update registration data.

If your registration is in compliance, request a review through the Simples Nacional platform.

Subsequently, if approved, your registration will be reinstated, allowing you to legally resume your activities.

Stop being the MEI excluded from Simples Nacional!

Finally, the extension of the deadline for tax regularization is excellent news for MEIs excluded from Simples Nacional.

It’s a golden chance to resolve pending issues and regain the benefits of this simplified tax regime.

Therefore, do not let this opportunity pass you by: check your situation, regularize yourself and continue to contribute to the growth of entrepreneurship in Brazil.

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