SUSPENSION of bank transfers for 4 days; understand the real reason that can affect the flow

Recently, some banks reported that bank transfers will be suspended for a few days. Check out the reasons behind this!

Carnival is synonymous with celebration, colors and lots of joy, but it is also a time when we need to organize ourselves so that everything happens in perfect harmony, especially if it involves bank transfers.

With this in mind, Itaú has prepared a complete guide so that you can make the most of banking services during this festive period, without any worries.

Itaú recently announced that it will not make bank transfers available on Carnival days. Check out! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Suspension of bank transfers

During Carnival, some changes to opening hours are necessary. Let’s make sure you’re not caught off guard:

02/12 and 02/13: Itaú branches will be closed, marking a break in banking hours so that everyone can enjoy Carnival; 02/14: activities return from 12pm, continuing until the usual closing time.

Remember: this information is valid except in locations where local or state holidays may change this schedule.

Opt for digital services

Furthermore, Carnival does not interrupt the need to carry out financial transactions and Itaú ensures that you have access to essential services, even during festive days:

Pix: transfers and payments via QR Code are available throughout the period, allowing you to make financial transactions quickly and securely, at any time and place; TED and bank slips: be aware, as there will be no processing of TEDs on the 10th , 11, 12 and 13 February. Invoices due on these dates can be paid without worrying about interest or fines; Transfers between Itaú accounts: so that your transfers occur without setbacks, remember to carry out the inclusion and authorization on the day of the holiday, using digital channels.

Attention to information

DDA: the DDA does not differentiate between national and local holidays, so, on Ash Wednesday, it is crucial that payments are made manually to avoid interest and fines; Taxes: the recommendation is to pay taxes in advance, as there will be no processing on Carnival days.

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Bank transfers return after Carnival

Now, on Ash Wednesday, February 14, Itaú resumes its operations normally.

It is important to note that there will be no extension to the times for sending payments. Plan ahead to avoid any inconvenience!

Ready to enjoy?

With this information, we hope you can plan your days of revelry without worrying about unexpected banking issues. Itaú wants to ensure that your only concern is to make the most of it.

Celebrate, have fun and, above all, take care of yourself and your loved ones. Carnival is a magical time, and with a little organization, it can be even more special.

Upcoming holidays to keep an eye on

Just like Carnival, some other commemorative dates also result in the cancellation of bank transfers and bank operations in general. Check out the list of upcoming national holidays in Brazil:

Universal Fraternization – January 1st Carnival – February 20th (moveable date) Good Friday – April 7th (moveable date) Tiradentes – April 21st Labor Day – May 1st Corpus Christi – June 8th (moveable date) Independence of Brazil – September 7th Nossa Senhora Aparecida – October 12th All Souls – November 2nd Proclamation of the Republic – November 15th Christmas – December 25th

These holidays are times for rest, celebration and reflection across the country. So don’t leave your bills until the last minute!

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