SURPRISE package released TODAY (02/26) for seniors aged 60 and over, find out everything

Brazilian seniors are entitled to a series of important benefits that protect their finances. Each of them has specific rules for participation.

In Brazil, elderly people aged 60 and over represent a valuable part of our society and are granted a series of rights and benefits guaranteed by laws, such as the Elderly Statute.

Recently, a package of surprises was announced that includes several benefits, bringing joy to millions. Therefore, if you are elderly and want to know what benefits you may be entitled to, follow the article below!

Elderly people in Brazil can count on a series of important social benefits. Check out some of them! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Exclusive benefits for seniors in Brazil

Every month, Brazilian seniors can have access to various benefits, whether income, exemption in some sector or even preferential assistance, for example.

Knowing what they are is an opportunity to take advantage of what is already a rightful guarantee. Therefore, see below what are the most important benefits for seniors.

Continuous Payment Benefit (BPC)

Firstly, the BPC is a guarantee of a monthly minimum wage for elderly people over 65 years of age and people with disabilities, who do not have the means to support themselves or be supported by their family.

To be eligible, per capita family income must be less than a quarter of the minimum wage. Furthermore, it is important to register with CadÚnico.

Right to alimony

Then, elderly people who have children, spouse or partner can request alimony in court, demonstrating the need for assistance and the responsible person’s ability to pay.

To access the amounts, it is important that the family seek guidance from a specialist and enter the process that will guarantee the amounts.

Income Tax Exemption

Furthermore, from the age of 65, seniors are exempt from paying income tax on retirement and pensions up to a limit of R$1,903.98 per month.

This exemption is cumulative, allowing up to R$3,807.96 per month of exempt income if half comes from retirement or pension.

Preferential care for the elderly

The Elderly Statute ensures priority service in the SUS and other public bodies. It’s a way to make sure they don’t have to wait in lines for hours.

For seniors over 80 years old, there is a super priority, including home care for those with mobility difficulties.

Free Public Transport

Furthermore, from the age of 65, seniors are entitled to free urban and semi-urban public transport, with the exception of selective and special services.

Some states extend this benefit from age 60. Therefore, if you are in doubt about your rights, research the possibility on your city hall’s website.

Exclusive vacancies for seniors

In public transport and parking, seniors have the right to reserved spaces: 10% in transport and 5% in parking lots, ensuring greater convenience.

To access them, it is important to remember to use the card that indicates that the person in question is elderly, this makes it easier to take advantage of the vacancies.

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Free medicines

The Farmácia Popular program ensures that elderly people have access to free medicines or medicines with significant discounts, especially those for continuous use.

In this sense, when you need some medicine or pharmacy item, just go to one closer to home and take advantage.

Right to a companion during hospitalization

Finally, in cases of hospitalization or health problems, elderly people have the right to be accompanied, ensuring support and comfort during the period.

Therefore, when necessary, count on a family member or person you trust so you don’t have to go through the process alone.

More opportunities for seniors

In summary, these benefits not only reinforce the respect and dignity of the elderly, but also significantly contribute to improving their quality of life.

Knowing and claiming these rights is essential to ensure that elderly people live their years with greater peace of mind, security and happiness.

It is crucial that society recognizes the importance of these rights and works together to ensure that they are fully respected and implemented.

After all, aging with dignity is everyone’s right and an achievement for society as a whole.

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