Suffering from a slow PC? These 7 tips will save you!

A slow PC can cause revolt, especially in more critical moments. Here are some tips to make your computer work faster!

Have you ever felt like you wanted to throw everything up when trying to use a slow PC to do your activities? This can be extremely frustrating and with good reason!

If you’ve ever found yourself waiting forever for your computer to start or been irritated by its slowness during use, here are some golden tips that will transform your PC into a true masterpiece of performance in Windows 11 and previous versions. Let’s go?

Stop suffering with your slow PC and apply these tips that will make it improve quickly! / Photo: publicity

How to make your slow PC faster

It may seem impossible, but even the worst machine has a solution. See how!

Releasing the initialization

Firstly, did you know that some applications love to jump to the front when your PC starts up, like eager revelers at Carnival? Yes, but you can manage this party:

Access Windows "Settings"; Go to "Applications" and then "Startup"; Here, you decide who participates in startup and who is left out, optimizing your PC’s startup time.

Mute background programs

Then, your PC may be full of applications that, even if you don’t see it, are there in the background making a lot of noise and consuming resources:

Use Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open the Task Manager; Take a look at the "Processes" tab and see who is intruding during use; With a right click, you can choose "End Task" and say goodbye to intruders.

Lower the brightness

Furthermore, visual effects are essential to see and work more efficiently, but sometimes it’s good to tone things down to make the party flow better:

In "Settings", go to "Accessibility" and then "Visual effects"; Disable animations and transparencies that weigh down your system for a cleaner and more satisfying performance.

Choose your PC power plan

The power plan is like the rhythm your PC follows. For example, you can choose between a lighter march or a high-performance rock show.

In the "Control Panel", under "Hardware and Sound", click on "Power Options";

Choose your favorite rhythm and watch your PC come to life!

Clean the storage sensor

This feature is like the post-Carnival street sweeper, cleaning everything so that the city (or your PC) is tinkling again:

Go to "System" and then "Storage" in Windows Settings; Activate "Storage Sense" for automatic and efficient cleaning.

If necessary, activate game mode

Furthermore, for gamers, Game Mode ensures that none of your activities will be interrupted by any secondary programs running.

In "Settings", find the "Games" tab and activate "Game mode"; Okay, now just enjoy your favorite game without any worries.

Keep your PC always up to date

Finally, keeping Windows up to date is essential for flawless performance:

In "Settings", go to "Windows Update"; Check for available updates and keep your system always running smoothly.

With these tips, your slow PC will transform into a performance machine. Eventually, it may be interesting to look at more current devices, but these small actions can make your computer last much longer. Good luck!

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