STF makes decision that affects elderly people and retirees of all NIS: confirmed TODAY (02/23)

The STF was responsible for approving a decision that will make a total difference in the lives of elderly people. This is a change in the retirement review.

Recent decisions by the Federal Supreme Court (STF), including trials conducted by Minister Alexandre de Moraes, promise significant changes for the elderly and INSS retirees.

With several issues under discussion, it is crucial to be informed about how these changes may affect social security rights and benefits.

This time, the Supreme Court has just made a decision that will specifically affect the INSS revisions. Therefore, it is good to pay attention to changes.

Elderly people will be able to benefit from new approval regarding retirement. Check out the changes! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

What are retirement reviews?

In principle, retirement reviews are processes in which INSS beneficiaries request a new analysis of their social security benefits, with the aim of correcting possible errors or considering periods and contributions not accounted for in the initial grant.

This may include the revaluation of contribution wages, periods worked under special conditions, length of military service, among others.

The review may lead to an increase in the value of the benefit or the granting of previously unrecognized rights, ensuring that retirees and pensioners receive fair values ​​in accordance with their real contribution.

Whole Life Review: what changes for the elderly?

Firstly, the long-awaited "Future Review", with a judgment scheduled for the end of February, proposes changes to social security rights and prohibits the payment of differences prior to April 2023.

This decision could significantly change pension values, impacting the income of INSS policyholders.

Special retirement for security guards

Furthermore, another relevant issue is the right to special retirement for security guards, considering the nature and risks of their activities.

After the STJ guarantees this right, it is now up to the STF to decide whether to grant this type of retirement.

Pension for the death of a minor under custody

Next, the STF also analyzes the death pension for minors under custody, not included in the 2019 pension reform. This decision could affect many families who depend on this financial support.

Special retirement of civil police officers

In 2023, the STF ensured that civil police officers entitled to special retirement receive benefits based on the comprehensiveness rules of a 1985 law, guaranteeing salary adjustments like their active colleagues.

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FGTS correction

Another important agenda is the review of the FGTS correction, seeking a fairer and more realistic formula that compensates workers’ losses, replacing the TR with an inflation index.

Work link between drivers and applications

The STF debates the employment relationship between drivers and apps, a decision that could redefine the employment relationship and the labor rights of these professionals.

Dismissal of public employees

The Court will also judge the unfair dismissal of civil servants from state-owned companies and those hired through a public examination, a decision with potential repercussions for the stability of public servants.

Decisions that affect the elderly and other Brazilians

Finally, these STF decisions have the power to transform the reality of millions of elderly people and retirees in Brazil, reinforcing the importance of staying up to date on social security rights and benefits.

Therefore, always be aware of new developments and understand how they can influence your financial life and your rights.

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