STF is about to drop the hammer

To this day, thousands of INSS beneficiaries are waiting for the release of an important benefits review, but is it already close to approval?

INSS retirees and pensioners are waiting for a historical review, promoted by STF minister Alexandre de Moraes.

This review, scheduled for decision in February, promises to bring significant changes and many people are already looking forward to what is to come. But after all, what does this historical review mean and how can it affect you?

To find out all the details about how the new review may affect monthly INSS payments, stay with us and follow the text below.

INSS benefits are about to undergo a revolution with the approval of the new review. Understand! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Among the highlights, the so-called "whole life review" is one of the most anticipated. Scheduled for judgment on February 28th, this review may include old social security rights in the retirement calculation basis, possibly increasing the amounts received by insured people.

Furthermore, there are discussions about special retirement for security guards, which, if approved, would allow these professionals to retire earlier, considering the risks and nature of their activities.

What is Lifetime Review?

The whole life review is a pension resource that allows the inclusion of all the insured person’s contribution wages throughout their working life when calculating retirement.

Traditionally, Social Security only considers salaries from the last 20 years of contributions. However, the whole life review allows the inclusion of previous periods, often with higher salaries, which can result in a more advantageous pension benefit for the insured.

To request this review, it is necessary to file a lawsuit, proving the contribution wages throughout the working life.

The whole life review has been an alternative for policyholders who had higher salaries at the beginning of their career and want to increase the value of their retirement.

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What benefits can be reviewed?

In short, several social security benefits can be reviewed using the whole life review technique. This includes pensions based on contribution time, old-age pensions, special pensions, disability pensions and even death pensions.

This review allows policyholders to obtain a more favorable recalculation of their benefits, considering all contribution wages throughout their working lives.

Thus, it is an opportunity for those who had contribution periods with higher salaries before the current Social Security calculation rule.

Expected impacts

In summary, these changes, if approved, would represent a great victory for many who depend on INSS benefits for their livelihood.

The whole life review, in particular, could result in significant increases for those who contributed during periods when their wages were higher than the current pension cap.

However, it is important to remember that these changes are still under discussion and depend on court decisions.

Don’t miss new updates

We are facing a potentially transformative moment for many INSS retirees and pensioners. The proposed historical review could bring significant changes and improvements to the benefits received.

While we wait for final decisions, the best strategy is to stay informed and prepared for any eventuality. And remember: updated information is the best tool to guarantee your rights.

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