step by step to vote in the 8th Wall

The eighth BBB wall has already been formed and promises to be one of the biggest votes in this edition. Find out how to vote online.

As Big Brother Brasil (BBB) ​​24 progresses, the public becomes even more involved in the plot that unfolds in the most watched house in the country. The 8th wall puts three participants – Davi, Isabelle and Marcus Vinícius – under national scrutiny.

In this context, the voting process on Gshow and the monitoring of online polls gain prominence, allowing viewers from all over Brazil to have an active voice in deciding who stays or leaves.

In this article, we reveal how to participate in this crucial moment, voting on Gshow and following the online polls.

Find out how to vote on this BBB 24 wall – Divulgação Globo

Learn to vote no BBB 24

The public’s interaction with BBB 24 is not limited to watching; fans have the power to decide the direction of the game.

Voting, the program’s democratic tool, is available on the Gshow page, where each person can choose who should be eliminated next.

Expectations are high for Tuesday night, when one of the three contestants will no longer compete for the millionaire prize.

Voting for BBB has never been easier. By accessing the official Gshow website, viewers will find a user-friendly interface to express their preference. Just access this link:

In addition to the official vote, several polls circulate on the internet, serving as a thermometer for elimination trends.

Sites like UOL constantly update their polls, offering an overview of the public’s preferences.

Although unofficial, these polls add an extra layer of engagement and speculation about the final result.

The importance of engagement

BBB 24 reinforces the importance of popular participation in the development of the plot. Each vote, whether on Gshow or in polls, reflects the audience’s emotional connection and preferences, shaping the show’s narrative.

It’s the perfect union between entertainment and interactivity, putting the power in the hands of viewers.

Tips for conscious voting

Before voting, consider following the latest events in the most watched house in Brazil. According to the polls, there is a strong preference for participant Davi to remain.

You can see this in the comments on the gossip pages. Many internet users have already declared the app driver as the champion of the edition. However, the game is still at the beginning and a lot can happen.

Curiosities about the program

BBB is a Brazilian reality show produced and shown by Rede Globo since 2000. The program is based on the original "Big Brother" format, created by Dutch producer John de Mol and launched in the Netherlands in 1999.

At BBB, a group of participants, called "brothers" or "sisters", are confined in a house watched by cameras 24 hours a day, with no access to the outside world, the internet or any means of communication.

They are monitored at all times, except in restricted areas like the bathroom. Throughout the program, which generally lasts around three months, participants go through a series of tests, challenges and votes.

The objective is to remain in the house until the end, avoiding being eliminated in the weekly votes, where the public has the power to decide who leaves through votes.

The winner of the program is the one who manages to reach the end without being eliminated and is chosen by popular vote, receiving a large cash prize.

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