Step by step to REMOVE the "typing" status from WhatsApp

Removing typing status from your WhatsApp is simpler than you think! Check out the complete step-by-step guide and see why it’s worth doing.

In the vast universe of WhatsApp, where conversations flow like rivers, a small indicator can become a source of anxiety and curiosity: the "typing" status. Have you ever wondered if it would be possible to navigate these waters without revealing your every move?

Today, we’re going to unravel the mystery of how to make your typing invisible and keep your presence a secret, giving you more privacy and control over your conversations. Come with us on this journey and discover how to keep your typing under the veil of invisibility.

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Why do many people do this research?

The possibility of hiding the "typing" status on WhatsApp has attracted the attention of many users of the chat app.

Whether to avoid distractions, reduce pressure for immediate responses, or simply maintain a level of mystery in your interactions, the reasons for wanting to remove this call sign are diverse and understandable.

After all, who wouldn’t like a little more control over how and when their activity is seen by others?

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Use notifications to take typing status on WhatsApp

A smart way to respond to messages without triggering the "typing" status is to activate high priority notifications on WhatsApp.

This setting allows you to reply to messages directly from the notification bar, without having to open the app.

To activate, just go to the application settings and look for the notifications option. From there, just select only the high priority alternative.

Write message in offline mode

Another effective tactic is to compose your message while offline. Write your response with airplane mode turned on or disconnect from the internet, and only after you’ve finished and are ready to send, reconnect.

This way, the message will be sent, and the "typing" status will not be displayed at any time to the recipient.

For WhatsApp Web users, an extension called WA Web Plus could be the solution. It offers several features, including the option to hide the "typing" status.

Installing this browser extension can be an efficient way to keep your typing activity private, as well as explore other features to personalize your WhatsApp experience.

Why remove typing status from WhatsApp?

By eliminating the "typing" status, you gain an additional layer of privacy in your conversations. This allows you greater control over the information you share, leaving it up to you to decide when and how your actions are seen by others. See below why it’s worth doing this:

Reduced distractions and pressure: Without the indication that you are typing, you free yourself from possible distractions and the pressure to respond immediately. This is especially useful at times when you need to focus on other tasks or when you prefer to think carefully about your response before sending it. Personalization of the user experience: Adopting strategies to hide the "typing" status allows you to further personalize your experience on WhatsApp , adapting the application to your privacy and usage needs.

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Put our tips into practice!

The "typing" status on WhatsApp, although it may seem like a small detail, can have major implications for the way we manage our conversations and the perception of our online presence.

By adopting the aforementioned strategies, you not only protect your privacy but also ensure a smoother and more controlled user experience. Remember, in the vast digital ocean, navigating wisely is key to keeping your waters calm and your travels pleasurable.

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