Step by step to RECOVER your Income Tax receipt online

When declaring IRPF, it is important to keep the supporting documents. If you lost it, luckily there are ways to retrieve your Income Tax receipt online.

Now it is even easier for Brazilian taxpayers to access and retrieve their Income Tax declaration receipt.

Thanks to the IRS, this process can be done quickly and simply, right from the comfort of home, through the IRS’s official website. See how to do it!

Have you lost your declaration slip? Then see how to retrieve your Income Tax receipt online! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

The importance of the receipt number

Have you ever wondered why the receipt number is so important? This data is essential for a series of procedures, including issuing a duplicate CPF and checking the status of your annual declaration. Therefore, having easy access to this number is crucial to keeping your records up to date.

Accessing the Income Tax receipt on the computer

To access your receipt via PC, just follow a few simple steps:

Visit the official website of the Federal Revenue Service (dedicated to Income Tax; Log in with your account; Choose the year of the declaration you want to consult; Navigate to "Documents and Files" and select "Copy of Declaration"; Click on PDF icon next to "Copy of Declaration Receipt" and download.

Access your Income Tax receipt via cell phone

And if you prefer to use your cell phone, the process is just as easy:

Download the "Receita Federal" app (Android: or iOS: login with your account; Select the year of the desired declaration; Choose "Print Receipt" to download the document.

Furthermore, you can print the second copy of the CPF directly through the Federal Revenue systems, avoiding the need to visit an in-person service unit.

With these online tools, the IRS simplifies taxpayers’ lives, allowing bureaucratic issues to be resolved quickly and without complications. This way, you save time and effort and can focus on what really matters.

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Income Tax Declaration 2024

Furthermore, the time to settle accounts with Leão is coming, and this year, the period for submitting the Personal Income Tax Declaration (DIRPF) was defined between March 15th and May 31st, as reported by the Federal Revenue Service . Let’s better understand this schedule and what it means for you.

Mark your calendar

This year, taxpayers will have exactly two and a half months to submit their declarations for the base year 2023.

This deadline is crucial to avoid fines resulting from late submission of the declaration. Therefore, it is essential to organize yourself so as not to leave it until the last minute.

What’s new in the exemption

In addition to the dates, there are new features regarding tax exemption. A recent provisional measure exempted anyone earning up to two minimum wages (R$2,824) from IR.

With this change, 15.8 million Brazilians will benefit, positively impacting the income of the most needy families.

Finally, this is the second change in the exemption range since the beginning of the current government, marking a significant advance compared to previous years.

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