Step by step to apply for Unemployment Insurance without having to leave home: 100% online!

Find out how to request Unemployment Insurance 100% online, without leaving home. Discover the simplified step-by-step guide and guarantee your benefit quickly and efficiently!

Nowadays, the search for efficient ways to deal with bureaucratic procedures is a constant need, especially for those who face the challenge of unemployment.

In this context, technology becomes a powerful ally, providing increasingly accessible and practical means to deal with administrative issues, such as Unemployment Insurance.

In the following lines, we will teach you step by step how to apply for the benefit without having to leave home. So, read on and stay informed.

Discover how to use technology to your advantage to apply for Unemployment Insurance. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

How to apply for Unemployment Insurance online?

Applying for Unemployment Insurance has become an accessible and convenient task, thanks to the Digital Work Card application.

Access the Digital Work Card application:

This application not only offers easy access to various services, but also allows you to request unemployment insurance benefits quickly and simply, without the need to physically travel.

The value of unemployment insurance for the year 2024 was announced by the Ministry of Labor and Employment, with an adjustment of 3.71% based on the National Consumer Price Index (INPC) of the previous year.

Thus, workers who made the request after January 11th will have their benefit recalculated according to inflation.

In general terms, the benefit is calculated considering the average salary of the last three months before dismissal, ensuring that it is not lower than the current minimum salary, established at R$1,412.

For those whose average salary in the last three months exceeded R$3,402.65, unemployment insurance will be R$2,313.74.

This update aims to ensure fair compensation for unemployed workers, reflecting the country’s economic reality.

Installments of Unemployment Insurance 2024

Payment of the benefit occurs according to working time, following the following rules:

1st Order:

12 to 23 months of work: 4 installmentsMore than 23 months of work: 5 installments

2nd Order:

9 to 11 months of work: 3 installments12 to 23 months of work: 4 installmentsMore than 23 months of work: 5 installments

3rd Order:

6 to 11 months of work: 3 installments12 to 23 months of work: 4 installmentsMore than 23 months of work: 5 installments

Who can receive Unemployment Insurance in 2024?

The benefit is intended for workers with a formal contract for at least one year, who were dismissed without just cause and are unemployed at the time of the request.

In addition, you must have received at least 12 salaries in the last 18 months, among other specific conditions.

How to request the benefit online

Requesting unemployment insurance online occurs through the Digital Work Card application, available for mobile devices.

Workers must follow the steps indicated in the application and provide the necessary information for the order.

It is important to highlight that access to the benefit is granted after termination of the employment contract, and the amounts are usually released within 30 to 45 days, counting from the date of registration of the request protocol.

With these simple steps and the practicality offered by technology, requesting Unemployment Insurance has become an uncomplicated and accessible task, allowing workers to receive the necessary support during periods of unemployment, without having to leave home.

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