Specific FGTS withdrawal; learn to calculate and find out HOW MUCH you will receive

Brazilians who comply with this month’s rules will be able to access an exclusive FGTS modality. For this, it is important to choose it.

Have you heard about the FGTS anniversary withdrawal? This modality, in force since 2020, allows Brazilian workers with a formal contract to access a portion of the balance of the Severance Indemnity Fund (FGTS) every year, in the month of their birthday.

But do you know how to calculate the amount you can withdraw? Find out all the answers you need by following the article below. Do not leave to the last minute!

In need of a little extra money? If you’re lucky, you can withdraw directly from the FGTS! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

What is the FGTS?

The Service Time Guarantee Fund is a right of Brazilian workers. Consisting of monthly deposits made by employers, it corresponds to 8% of the employee’s gross salary.

It serves as protection in various cases, such as unfair dismissal, serious illness, retirement, among others.

Understanding the birthday withdrawal

Unlike the traditional withdrawal, the birthday withdrawal does not affect the right to full withdrawal of the FGTS in cases of unfair dismissal.

It is an additional option that allows annual access to a fraction of the FGTS balance, promoting greater financial flexibility for the worker.

Who can join this FGTS modality?

Any worker with an active or inactive FGTS account can join the birthday withdrawal. Membership is optional and can be done through the FGTS application, the official website or through Caixa Econômica Federal internet banking.

Important rules

The withdrawal amount varies according to the FGTS balance, following a progressive table. The withdrawal percentage varies between 50% and 5%, depending on the balance. The withdrawal becomes available at the beginning of the worker’s birthday month and remains accessible for three months. In case of dismissal without just cause, the worker is ineligible for the birthday withdrawal for two years.

How to calculate your withdrawal

To calculate the value of the birthday withdrawal, you must consider the balance in your FGTS account and apply the corresponding percentage, according to the progressive table.

For example, if your balance is R$3,000, you are entitled to withdraw 30% of that amount, which corresponds to R$900.

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Taking advantage of the birthday loot

The birthday withdrawal is an excellent opportunity for those looking for an additional source of financial resources annually.

Whether to invest, pay off debts or carry out personal projects, it is crucial to carry out careful financial planning before opting for this modality.

Before making your decision, remember to check the updated rules and consider your needs and financial conditions. Take this chance to improve your financial planning and quality of life!

Other FGTS withdrawal methods

In addition to the birthday withdrawal, the FGTS offers other forms of access to resources, such as the termination withdrawal, available when the worker is fired without just cause, providing financial security at this time of transition.

There is also the retirement withdrawal, where the worker can withdraw the balance upon retirement, and the withdrawal to purchase a home, making the dream of housing easier.

In cases of natural disasters or urgent health needs, the FGTS can also be withdrawn, highlighting its importance as financial support in various situations in the lives of Brazilian workers.

Do not leave it for later!

Now that you know how the FGTS birthday withdrawal works, how about planning how to use this resource to your advantage? Remember: good financial planning can be the first step to realizing your dreams and ensuring a more peaceful future.

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