Simple coin worth R$ 0.50 CENTS can be sold for R$ 25 REAIS: do you have any?

Your 2009 R$0.50 cent coin could be worth up to R$25! Learn how to identify and value your rare coins with our comprehensive guide.

Have you ever stopped to think that a simple R$0.50 coin can be worth up to 50 times more? That’s right, a coin that may be forgotten in your change can be a real treasure.

In the following lines, we will unravel the mystery behind this curiosity that has fascinated many people in 2024. Curious to find out? So, keep reading.

Turn forgotten change into treasure: see how a simple 50 cent coin can be sold for a surprising amount. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

50 CENTS coin worth up to 50 times more

For many, the fifty cent coin goes unnoticed. However, there are those who see it as invaluable.

The 2009 edition of this item is special and has caught the attention of collectors and numismatic enthusiasts. So, have you taken a look at your piggy bank?

According to the Central Bank of Brazil, more than 300 million units of these coins were minted in 2009.

At first, it seems like a large number, but in the world of numismatics, it is the rarity and state of conservation that determine its value.

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Features that make the 2009 50 cent coin unique

Namely, the 2009 50 cent coin has specifications that capture the eyes of those who understand the subject:

Metal: Stainless Steel, ensuring durability.Diameter: 23mm, a standard size that hides its uniqueness.Edge: Smooth with the inscription "ORDER AND PROGRESSO"BRAZIL, a patriotic detail.Designs that pay homage to important national figures and symbols, such as the National Flag and José Maria da Silva Paranhos Júnior.

How much is the 2009 50 cent coin worth?

The value of a 2009 50 cent coin may surprise you:

In MBC (Very Well Preserved) condition, the value jumps to R$ 12. If it is SUPERB, the value reaches R$ 25. And, for examples with FLOWER OF CUNHO, it can be even higher.

How to find a valuable coin?

Finding out if you own a rare and valuable coin is not a simple task, but it is far from impossible.

The value is not just based on antiquity, but on rarity and condition. A two-decade-old coin may be more valuable than a century-old one, depending on these factors.

How to sell a rare coin?

When you find a special coin, the next step is to assess its real value. This can be done in specialized stores, whether physical or virtual, or even in numismatic auction houses.

One option, for example, is Brasil Moeda Leilões, which offers virtual evaluation and helps define the sales price.

Access the Brasil Moeda Leilões home:

In addition, there are other platforms and stores dedicated to purchasing rare coins. A detailed search can reveal options close to you, facilitating the selling process.

In conclusion, numismatics reveals fascinating stories behind each coin. The R$0.50 cents price from 2009 is an example of how common items can become precious.

So before you spend your change, take a closer look. Who knows, maybe you have a little treasure waiting to be discovered?

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