Should all MEIs pay R$169.44 per month? Understand the obligation!

On a monthly basis, MEIs must pay all mandatory taxes to the class or they may run the risk of losing their companies. The value, however, varies.

Initially, 2024 promises to be a year of important changes for Individual Microentrepreneurs (MEIs). With the new year, new tax responsibilities knock on the door and being well informed is the first step to keeping your business up to date and away from penalties.

Therefore, it is extremely important that those who are going to open their companies pay attention to their duties, as failing to pay what is owed is not an option. Understand!

Every month, MEIs must pay amounts, so pay attention to mandatory payments so as not to lose rights! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

What should MEIs pay every month?

Firstly, the Simples Nacional Collection Document (DAS) is a unified tax that simplifies the payment of taxes by individual microentrepreneurs and companies included in Simples Nacional.

It consolidates several federal, state and municipal taxes into a single tab, facilitating the payment process and reducing bureaucracy. For MEIs, the DAS includes contributions to INSS, ISS and, in some cases, ICMS, calculated on a percentage of the minimum wage.

Every month, until the 20th, MEIs must pay the DAS, varying between R$71.6 and R$76.6, depending on their sector. During this time interval, the amount due for DAS will be equivalent to:

R$ 70.60 referring to the INSS, which represents 5% of the current minimum wage of R$ 1,412.00; R$ 5.00 allocated to the ISS, for those who are taxed by this tax; and R$ 1.00 directed to ICMS, applicable to taxpayers of this tax.

And don’t forget, membership in Simples Nacional is until January 31st. Keeping these obligations up to date is crucial to the health of your business.

Should everyone pay R$169.44?

No. The amount in question is only valid for Individual Microentrepreneurs working as independent cargo transporters, whose contribution to the INSS corresponds to R$ 169.44, which represents 12% of the current minimum wage, set at R$ 1,412.00.

Should MEIs pay something annually?

Next, the DASN-SIMEI, Annual Declaration of Simples Nacional for Individual Microentrepreneurs, is an annual obligation of MEIs that summarizes all revenue from the previous year.

This declaration informs the Federal Revenue of the total revenue obtained, ensuring the micro-entrepreneur’s tax compliance.

It is crucial for maintaining MEI benefits, such as social security coverage and access to banking services. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in fines and loss of MEI status.

By May 31st, it’s time to declare the previous year’s revenue. This step is essential to maintain the transparency of your business before the IRS. Avoid fines and declare correctly to ensure your peace of mind.

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News on the horizon

The year 2024 brings rumors of significant changes. The government is implementing a program to renegotiate MEI debts.

In addition, there may be changes in taxation for those who exceed the revenue ceiling of R$81,000. The idea is to only tax what exceeds this limit, great news for those who are expanding!

Furthermore, there is discussion about a program that guarantees MEIs enrolled in Bolsa Família to maintain the benefit for up to two years. This represents a huge step forward, offering a safety net while your business gains traction.

Don’t forget your obligations!

Staying informed and prepared for these changes is essential. Get organized, mark important dates on the calendar and stay tuned for news.

The entrepreneurial journey is full of challenges, but with information and planning, you are ready to face them!

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