service acclaimed by rivals is paralyzed

Recently, Uber decided to end a service that was very important to users. See what changed and why!

Every day, thousands of people choose to use Uber services. After all, the company promises agility, safety and reliability when traveling, which ends up being a real help.

However, the app recently announced that it would be ending an important available feature, which could impact many people. Understand what motivated the cancellation!

Uber decided to close one of its biggest tools. Understand why! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Uber service cancellation announcement

Recently, a surprising decision by Uber emerged that caught many users by surprise: the suspension of one of its services in the capital of São Paulo.

The measure, resulting from a city council veto due to lack of regulation, marks an important change in the company’s operations, which has become essential in the lives of millions of people around the world.

Uber decides to suspend service

Initially, Uber, present in 72 countries and known for its wide range of services, decided to suspend rides carried out by bikers in São Paulo.

This decision, taken in January last year, was widely publicized in SP2, highlighting the repercussion of the measure.

"The city council still needs more in-depth studies", was the company's justification for suspending the motorcycle taxi service, as Burnier highlighted.

Impact for users and drivers

This change directly impacts not only users who benefited from the agility and reduced cost of motorcycle racing, but also drivers who found this modality a source of income.

Uber, over the years, has diversified its services, including restaurant deliveries among other offerings, some of which have since been discontinued.

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New rules in Rio de Janeiro

In addition to the changes in São Paulo, in Rio de Janeiro, Uber and other racing platforms face new guidelines related to the use of air conditioning in vehicles.

Drivers are now required to keep the air conditioning on during races, under penalty of suspension, in a measure that aims to increase passenger comfort but has sparked debate over drivers’ profits and possible violations of the Motor Defense Code. Consumer.

Uber changes in various locations

This situation highlights the dynamism and regulatory challenges faced by urban mobility platforms.

As technology companies like Uber seek to innovate and offer services that meet contemporary mobility demands, they must also navigate the complex regulatory environment of the cities in which they operate, balancing innovation with legal compliance and customer satisfaction.

Find out how to find out your rating on Uber!

Furthermore, Uber revolutionized the way we move around cities, introducing a rating system that builds the reputation of drivers and passengers.

In short, a high rating indicates reliability and quality of the service provided, creating a positive community within the application.

Interestingly, many passengers are unaware that they can check their own reviews, a feature that promotes self-awareness and improves the travel experience.

To check your rating, simply access the account section in the Uber app, go to settings, choose "Privacy" and then "Privacy Center", where you will find the option to see your ratings.

This system not only enhances the individual experience, but also contributes to a safer and more reliable transportation community.

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