Serasa is giving Brazilians a gift with a dirty name, find out more

Millions of Brazilians have a dirty name in 2024! See how to eliminate your debts at Serasa and regularize your CPF status.

The much-feared situation of having a bad name and facing debts that seem insurmountable has its days numbered for many Brazilians.

Serasa, a well-known credit protection body, decided to act in a surprising way, offering a unique opportunity for those who are mired in debt. Stay with us to find out how to participate!

See how to eliminate your debts at Serasa! Credit: plasticaxe.

Serasa gives a real gift to Brazilians

The changes proposed by the Federal Government in relation to Brazilians’ debt have generated many discussions, and one of the most talked about initiatives is a new program launched by Serasa.

The initiative comes with the aim of helping more than two million Brazilians who find themselves with a bad name and outstanding debts.

More than 6 million opportunities to renegotiate debts!

According to information on the internet, Serasa is making 6.2 million offers available for debt renegotiation, surprising everyone with this initiative.

This action is especially relevant for those who have accumulated debts with higher education institutions, such as Estácio, Anhanguera and Pitágoras, which are partners in this project that aims to save Brazilians’ CPF.

In this sense, the new renegotiation program is aimed primarily at Brazilian students who have a bad name.

To access this incredible opportunity, Brazilian students can use the platform called Serasa Limpa Nome, which offers discounts of up to 93% and the possibility of paying in up to nine installments for debts with late monthly payments.

The entire process is carried out over the internet, and this way, debtors do not need to leave home to guarantee that long-awaited CPF regularization.

Step by step to ANNIHILATE your debts at Serasa

To use the Serasa Limpa Nome platform, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download the Serasa app on your cell phone (available for Android and iOS). Enter your CPF and fill out a brief registration form. When accessing the platform, all of the consumer’s financial information will appear on the screen.Step 2: Choose the desired offer. After selecting the option "See offers," it is possible to check the conditions offered for payment, with the Serasa Limpa Nome discount already applied. Simply click on one of the available debts and options to renegotiate each debt will be presented.Step 3: Review and finalize. Choose the option that best suits your financial conditions and your preferred payment method. If you choose a bank slip, you can copy the code, download it or request it to be sent via WhatsApp. If you prefer to use Pix, select the due date and the number of installments desired. Then, confirm all the information presented and click "Complete agreement." Step 4: Make the payment. When closing the agreement, make the payment according to the conditions defined in the previous step. To pay with Pix, click on "Copy Pix key" and paste it into the banking institution's app to proceed.

Clear your name in a practical way!

This Serasa initiative represents a unique opportunity for millions of Brazilians who wish to regularize their financial situation and have a fresh start, leaving behind the nightmare of debts and a dirty name.

So, don’t waste time and take advantage of this chance to start over on the right foot and with a clean name in the market. Check out more information at

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