Serasa CRAVA information regarding the 14th salary and payments to Brazilians

The payment of the 14th salary is something that many Brazilians have been waiting for for years. Find out if it will finally be delivered in 2024!

The year 2024 promises to bring a series of benefits that have left Brazilians in an uproar, especially when it comes to the much talked about 14th INSS salary.

Therefore, payment beneficiaries who are still waiting for any news about the benefit should stay tuned, as new transactions may be available soon!

The possible release of the 14th salary is still a very important issue for INSS policyholders. Check to see if it will come out! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Remember the 14th salary proposal

First of all, the 14th salary is an extra benefit proposal intended for INSS retirees and pensioners, similar to the traditional 13th salary.

It aims to compensate for financial losses caused by crises or exceptional situations, such as the pandemic, offering financial support to these groups at the end of the year.

Was there more information about the 14th salary?

At first, this extra bonus, still in the bill phase, appears as a relief for millions of workers who are anxiously awaiting its approval.

Representative Pompeo de Mattos proposed the payment in order to compensate for the financial losses generated by the pandemic.

Who can receive the 14th salary?

Furthermore, according to current information, especially that released by Serasa, the benefit would cover retirees, pensioners and those who already receive their 13th salary as part of their social security benefits.

This would include categories such as recipients of sickness benefits, incarceration benefits and daycare benefits.

The idea is to extend additional support to these groups, providing welcome financial relief.

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Not everyone is entitled to the 14th salary

However, there is a specific group that would be left out of this bonus. Beneficiaries of programs such as the Continuous Payment Benefit (BPC), monthly pension for life, supplementary benefit for accidents at work and social security support for disability of rural workers would not be entitled to the 14th salary.

This exclusion generates heated debates, reflecting the complexity and challenges in defining the eligibility criteria for such a benefit.

What to expect for now?

Overall, the discussion around the 14th salary is still open, depending on a series of factors, such as financial, social, political and economic impact.

The proposal raises hope for many, but also raises important questions about its viability and fairness in distribution.

Therefore, until the project comes to fruition, Brazilians are left to closely monitor developments and hope for a favorable outcome.

And the release of the 13th salary?

On the other hand, in 2024, INSS retirees and pensioners have reasons to celebrate with the confirmation of their 13th salary, despite the change in the payment schedule.

Unlike the years of the pandemic, when the extra benefit was brought forward to the first half of the year, the newspaper Valor announced that, next year, payments will return to the traditional schedule, without advance payments.

How will be the payment?

In short, the 13th will be made available in two installments, benefiting those who receive some type of social security benefit.

The first half will be paid without discounts, while the second installment, subject to income tax for taxpayers, will be released later.

It is important to highlight that the BPC is not included, as it is considered assistance assistance, not a salary.

Payments will take place in August and November, in line with the monthly salary, and the amounts can be consulted two days before the start of the schedule.

Despite the extinction of the advance, the expectation of increased annual income remains high among beneficiaries, representing a significant supplement to their budgets.

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