Serasa announcement for all workers with debts for more than 5 years

Serasa Experian is one of the largest credit bureaus in Brazil, with more than 600 million inquiries per month. The company offers various services for consumers and companies, such as credit score consultation, among others.

The entity issued an important statement for Brazilians with old debts, specifically those contracted more than 5 years ago, highlighting a peculiarity of Brazilian legislation regarding the forfeiture of these debts.

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Serasa issues an important statement to Brazilians; check out

According to the legislation, debts that exceed five years are automatically considered expired, which means that the creditor loses the right to collect them in court.

This mechanism serves to encourage more agile and efficient collection by creditors and also to offer a kind of "second chance" to debtors


The Serasa statement also details the different expiry periods for different types of debt, such as one year for debts with hotels and restaurants, three years for default on rent.

It is important that citizens are aware of these deadlines and the possibility of requesting the removal of expired debts from Serasa’s records.

However, it is crucial to remember that unfulfilled renegotiations reset the expiry period, keeping the debt active in credit records, which reinforces the importance of responsible financial planning and conscious and sustainable debt negotiation.

Desenrola Brasil: a new beginning for defaulters

Desenrola Brasil is a federal government program launched in 2023 with the aim of renegotiating debts of up to R$5,000 owed by individuals with banks, credit card companies and commerce in general.

The program offers discounts and lower interest rates for those who are in default, in addition to paying the amount owed in up to 60 installments.

Who can participate in Desenrola Brasil?

Serasa announced a partnership with Desenrola this year. To participate in the program, the debtor must meet the following criteria:

Have a gross monthly family income of up to two salaries; Have outstanding debts of up to R$5,000; Not be negative on the Defaulter Registry (SPC and Serasa).

How do I sign up for Desenrola Brasil?

Registration for Desenrola Brasil can be done online, via the program's website. It is worth noting that, in 2024, the Federal Government announced a partnership between the program and Serasa.

In other words, Brazilians who meet the criteria can renegotiate their debts through the entity’s website. The app is available in online cell phone stores. IOS for those with an iPhone or Google Play Store for Android.

Access the website via this link:

What are the benefits of Desenrola Brasil?

Desenrola Brasil offers several benefits to debtors, such as:

Discounts of up to 90% on the value of the debt; Lower interest; Installment payments in up to 60 installments.

How does Desenrola Brasil work?

After enrolling in the program, the debtor will receive a proposal to renegotiate their debt. The proposal will be sent by the bank or creditor company. The debtor has 10 days to analyze the proposal and decide whether to accept it or not.

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