Serasa and the GIFT for Brazilians aged 60 and OVER: dirty name never again?

Serasa is offering elderly people the opportunity to finally get rid of their dirty name. To do this, they can count on debt renegotiation.

In a society where financial health is so crucial to quality of life, many Brazilians find themselves in challenging situations, with accumulated debts and a restricted name.

But, what if we told you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel? Yes, that’s right! Serasa is promoting a campaign that could be the solution that so many have been waiting for, especially for elderly people who see retirement as an opportunity to reorganize their finances. Check out.

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A golden chance to renegotiate with Serasa

Firstly, imagine being able to renegotiate your debts with more than 100 partner companies, with the possibility of paying in 14 installments or more!

This is not just news, it is a revolution for more than 65.7 million Brazilians who have overdue bills.

Typically, the average value of these debts exceeds R$4,000, an amount that can weigh significantly on the budget, especially for elderly people who depend on fixed income.

Various payment options

In short, flexibility is the keyword of this campaign. In addition to the possibility of long-term installments, there are options that range from payment in cash for symbolic amounts, at R$9.90, to smaller installments, from 2 to 13 installments.

The objective, therefore, is to adapt to each individual’s financial reality, ensuring that everyone can find a viable solution to clear their name and recover their credit.

How to participate in Serasa Limpa Nome?

In addition, Serasa facilitated access to renegotiations through several channels: the Serasa Limpa Nome website (WhatsApp at number (11) 99575-2096 and even in person at post offices.

The process is simple, secure and completely digital, ensuring privacy and convenience. Simply enter the platform, check your debts and choose the best trading option for your budget.

How do I know that my name is on Serasa?

To find out if your name is on Serasa, you can access the Serasa Consumidor service. It is possible to consult for free online, on the Serasa website, or through the application available for smartphones.

Then, after completing a simple registration, informing CPF and other personal data, you will have access to your credit status, being able to check if there are debts registered in your name.

In addition, Serasa offers alerts for changes to your CPF, helping you monitor your financial situation and prevent fraud. This consultation is a valuable tool for managing your financial health.

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Unrolling is an alternative

Furthermore, Desenrola Brasil ( appears as a promising alternative, offering new opportunities for debt renegotiation.

With the deadline approaching in March, the program aims to facilitate agreements for overdue accounts, providing special conditions for those who wish to regularize their financial situation.

In short, Desenrola Brasil stands out for allowing debt payments to be paid in up to 60 months, a particularly advantageous option for seniors looking for ways to clear their name without compromising their fixed income.

What bills can I pay through it?

This government initiative not only helps debtors recover credit, but also stimulates the economy by allowing more people to regain purchasing power.

It is essential that interested parties take advantage of this chance to negotiate their debts, whether bank or not, through Desenrola Brasil’s negotiation channels.

Finally, renegotiation covers a wide range of debts, from consumer bills to loans and financing, offering significant relief for those looking to reorganize their finances and regain peace of mind.

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