Seniors have access to these 5 benefits that you NEED to know about!

All seniors can have access to a list of important benefits, as long as they are of the correct age to receive them.

Did you know that upon reaching old age, Brazilian elderly people become entitled to a series of benefits and facilities guaranteed by the Elderly Statute?

Despite being fundamental rights, they often go unnoticed, failing to contribute significantly to improving the quality of life of our beloved elderly people. Check out what they are!

Brazilian seniors can have access to at least five important benefits. Check out what they are and the rules! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Exclusive benefits for seniors

In principle, elderly people in Brazil have a series of rights that the Constitution protects. See which are the main ones that few people may know!

Priority that makes a difference

Firstly, one of the best-known benefits, but always worth remembering, is priority service.

Whether in public or private bodies, the elderly have the right to be seen first, avoiding long and tiring waits. This right aims to provide more dignified and respectful treatment, recognizing their special needs.

Relief in your pocket: tax exemption

Then, in several municipalities, elderly people can be exempt from taxes such as IPTU and IPVA.

The rules for this exemption vary depending on the location, so it is always a good idea to check with your local city hall to see if you, or a nearby elderly person, can benefit from this advantage.

Health and well-being for seniors

The Elderly Statute guarantees low-income Brazilians free access to medicines, with a medical prescription.

This benefit is extremely important to guarantee the health and well-being of the elderly, alleviating healthcare costs that are often high at this stage of life.

Traveling is a right for the elderly

Another incredible right is free interstate travel. To do this, elderly people must obtain the Elderly Card, issued free of charge, which guarantees this benefit for those with an income of up to two minimum wages.

Traveling enriches the soul and this facility opens doors to new experiences and discoveries.

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Financial support with BPC

Finally, the Continuous Payment Benefit (BPC) is vital financial assistance for low-income older people, equivalent to a monthly minimum wage.

This financial support represents important security, guaranteeing the minimum for a dignified life.

Other important concessions

In addition to free medicines, elderly people in Brazil are entitled to a range of benefits under the Elderly Statute.

They have priority in service in public and private services, for example, ensuring respect and consideration.

In hospitals, the right to a full-time companion during hospitalizations or consultations is guaranteed, providing comfort and safety. Public transport is free for the elderly, facilitating mobility and access to essential services.

Knowing and claiming these rights is crucial to promoting a dignified quality of life in old age.

Important benefits for seniors

Knowing and exercising these rights is fundamental to ensuring that older Brazilians enjoy a more peaceful and respected old age.

So, if you are a senior or know someone who is in this phase of life, share this valuable information. Together, we can ensure that old age is a time with the respect and quality that everyone deserves.

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