Seniors are already CELEBRATING the anticipation of their 13th salary, see how to request

Every year, the Federal Government pays the 13th salary to seniors and retirees who meet the eligibility criteria. Understand.

The anticipation of the 13th salary was confirmed, bringing great news for the elderly, retirees and pensioners who need this additional income before the end of the year.

This benefit, traditionally paid to supplement Brazilian workers’ Christmas income, can now be requested in advance, offering significant financial relief for those who cannot wait for the regular payment schedule.

The measure aims to mainly serve those in a situation of financial vulnerability or with immediate needs, providing an alternative to improve the management of their personal finances.

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13th salary advance: everything about this line of credit

To access the advance, interested parties must comply with the established requirements and conditions, which vary according to the financial institution responsible for releasing the funds.

Generally, the applicant must have job stability, with at least 12 months of work, that is, a retired or pensioner who meets the specific income criteria and other conditions imposed by the bank.

Furthermore, it is essential to be aware of interest rates and applicable charges, as these may impact the final amount to be received.

The decision to advance the 13th salary must be accompanied by careful financial planning, considering the costs involved and the real need for this advance.

It is recommended to evaluate the conditions offered by different financial institutions, comparing interest rates and analyzing how this advance fits within your personal budget.

For those who opt for anticipation, the conscious use of resources is essential, prioritizing the payment of debts and investment in real needs, avoiding impulsive or unnecessary expenses.

Check all benefit details

The 13th salary, also known as the Christmas bonus, is an extremely important benefit for Brazilian workers. Established in 1962 by Law No. 4,090, the 13th salary guarantees workers an extra salary per year, paid in two installments:

First installment: paid by November 30th; Second installment: paid by December 20th.

Who is entitled?

All workers with a formal contract, including domestic workers, and those working in temporary employment companies;

Casual workers who work in ports, airports and other places and rural workers also have it.

Other categories:

Retirees and INSS pensioners: receive the 13th proportional to the time they received the benefit during the year; Aid beneficiaries: sickness benefit, accident benefit and maternity pay; Public servants: specific rules.

The value of the 13th salary is calculated as follows:

Employees: 1/12 of the remuneration due each month of work, considering the base salary and other salary amounts of a usual nature; Retirees and INSS pensioners: proportional to the number of months in which the benefit was received in the year; Beneficiaries of aid: proportional to the number of months in which the benefit was received in the year. In case of contract termination, the 13th salary is paid in proportion to the time worked in the year; The 13th salary is due even in the case of dismissal for just cause.

The 13th salary is an important instrument of social justice and income distribution, in addition to stimulating consumption and boosting the economy at the end of the year.

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