Seniors aged 65, 66, 67, 68 and 69 onwards are already CELEBRATING the benefits package TODAY (02/21)

Many elderly Brazilians have an extra reason to celebrate in February. And this reason is directly related to finances.

The exemption from the famous Income Tax (IR) in Brazil is a fiscal policy that directly benefits the elderly population who are already retired, providing them with significant financial relief.

And this guide details, below, the important process and prerequisites necessary for the retirees in question to benefit from this exemption, which is still worthy of celebration.

Specific benefit aims to act positively on the finances of some elderly people | Image: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Understanding Eligibility for Income Tax Exemption

First of all, it is necessary to understand that, yes: elderly people who are retired by the National Social Security Institute (INSS) may also be subject to declaring this tax.

But, of course: many people in this group can qualify for IR exemption.

In this case, retirees must meet certain criteria, which include:

Monthly Income: Retirees with a monthly income of up to R$1,903.98 are exempt from IR, regardless of age. Age and Combined Income: For retirees aged 65 or over, the exemption applies to a monthly income of up to R$3,807, 96. This exemption range benefits those in old age, recognizing the need for additional financial support. Retirement due to Serious Illnesses: Retirees of any age who are diagnosed with serious illnesses are exempt from IR. Among the recognized conditions are active tuberculosis, mental alienation, multiple sclerosis, malignant neoplasia, blindness, among others.

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The Step-by-Step Steps that Elderly People Must Follow to Request the Exemption

The process of requesting income tax exemption for retired seniors is straightforward, but requires attention to some details.

Are they:

Verification of Eligibility Criteria: Before starting the process, the retiree must verify that he meets the eligibility criteria mentioned above. Required Documentation: For retirees due to serious illnesses, it is essential to have an official medical report at hand that proves their health condition. Access to Meu INSS: The next step is to access the Meu INSS website or application and select the "New Request" option. Income Tax Exemption Request: In the search field, type "Income Tax Exemption" and select the service/ corresponding benefit. Read the instructions carefully and fill in the requested fields.Scheduling the Medical Examination: If applicable, wait to be called for a medical examination, where your health condition will be assessed in relation to the exemption for serious illness.Income Tax Declaration: After approval exemption, proceed with the IR declaration, inserting the information pertinent to the exemption received.Analysis of the Request: The INSS will analyze the request within an approximate period of 45 days after the medical examination has been carried out.

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An additional benefit for the elderly population

In general, therefore, it can be said that the Income Tax exemption for part of the retired elderly population is a measure of great social importance, aiming to ensure greater financial well-being for this population.

Clearly understanding the eligibility criteria and correctly following the application process are crucial steps to ensuring access to this benefit. By facilitating the understanding of these procedures, we hope to empower Brazilian retirees, allowing them to fully enjoy their tax rights.

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