Seniors aged 60 and over receive UNBELIEVABLE and surprise news and up to R$ 2,824.00; know more!

Seniors aged 60 and over now have one more reason to smile: incredible benefits and up to R$2,824.00 await you. Find out how to issue your Elderly Card and take advantage of these advantages!

At a time of great expectation and enthusiasm, news significantly changes the lives of elderly people in Brazil.

For those aged 60 or over, a new door opens, guaranteeing not only more joy and comfort but also financial support that can reach up to R$2,824.00.

But what is behind this significant change? Discover this and much more in the following lines. Prepared?

Exclusive benefits for seniors now just a click away. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

What is the Elderly Card?

The Elderly Card, a government initiative, is the starting point for accessing a series of benefits designed to improve the quality of life of Brazilian elderly people.

With it, the rights to discounts on purchases, essential services and even bus travel become a reality, making a tangible difference in everyday life.

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How to issue the Elderly Card?

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15 fev, 2024

There are two ways; check out:

1. Online issuance:

First, access the portal and locate the section dedicated to the Elderly Card. Then click on "start" to take the first step. Follow the instructions, filling in the necessary fields with information such as ID, CPF, proof of residence and other personal documents. Soon after completion, the wallet will be available for printing, ready to be used.

2. In-person issuance:

Go to the nearest Social Assistance Reference Center (CRAS), taking with you documents such as ID, CPF and NIS number. If you are not yet registered with CadÚnico, take the opportunity to register, as it is a requirement. The process can take up to 45 days, but an interim statement is provided for immediate use, ensuring you are not locked out of benefits while you wait.

What are the benefits of the Elderly Card?

In addition to the freedom to travel between states at no cost, the Elderly Card opens doors to a life with more dignity and ease.

Discounts at commercial establishments, priority service and preferential parking spaces are just the beginning.

The card also guarantees half-price entry to cultural events, adding an extra layer of well-being to everyday life.

Are you over 65? Take advantage of BPC

People aged 65 or over are entitled to the Continuous Payment Benefit (BPC), as stipulated in the Organic Social Assistance Law (LOAS).

This benefit guarantees the payment of a minimum wage per month for elderly people in this age group and for people with disabilities of any age who do not have the means to provide for their subsistence.

Unlike a pension, the BPC does not require social security contributions and does not include the 13th salary or death pension for the beneficiary’s dependents.

To be eligible for BPC/LOAS for seniors, you must meet certain criteria:

Be 65 years old or over; Be born Brazilian, naturalized or have Portuguese nationality; Have a maximum income per person in the family group (living in the same house) equivalent to up to ¼ of the current minimum wage; Be actively registered in the Single Registry.

The maximum allowable income is calculated by adding the income of all members of the family group and dividing by the number of people in the family.

It is important to highlight that the elderly cannot have their own means of subsistence or receive financial support from their family.


The Elderly Card is more than a document; It is a symbol of recognition and appreciation.

By facilitating access to so many benefits, the commitment to the well-being of the elderly is reaffirmed, encouraging a more active, independent and fulfilling life.

This is, without a doubt, a moment of celebration. For Brazilian elderly people, the doors to a new stage of life are open, full of possibilities and support.

So if you or someone you know is 60 or older, be sure to explore this opportunity.

The Elderly Card is a passport to a brighter and safer future, where age is just a number, and respect and care are guaranteed.

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