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Check out the results of the 1st ProUni 2024 call now! Find out if your CPF is among those approved and find out how to secure your scholarship in private higher education.

The long-awaited moment has arrived! The Ministry of Education (MEC) officially released the results of the 1st call for the University for All Program (ProUni).

The announcement brought with it a wave of expectation and hope for thousands of students across Brazil.

In the midst of a journey marked by challenges and uncertainties, the news of the ProUni result is a ray of light for those who dream of securing a place in higher education. Find out more below.

Stay up to date with the results of the 1st ProUni call: full and partial scholarships available! (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

What is ProUni?

Since its creation in 2004, ProUni has played a crucial role in the democratization of higher education in the country.

By offering full and partial scholarships at private institutions, the program has proven to be a powerful tool in promoting social inclusion and reducing inequalities.

For many Brazilians, ProUni represents more than an opportunity to access education; it is also a means of transforming their lives and achieving their academic and professional goals.

Result of the 1st ProUni 2024 Call

In this first ProUni call for the first half of 2024, the MEC made a total of 406,428 scholarships available, divided between:

308,977 full (100%); e97,451 partial (50%).

Namely, these scholarships cover a wide variety of courses at 1,028 private higher education institutions across the country.

In this way, the program offers candidates a diverse range of options to choose from according to their interests and educational goals.

The selection process and next steps

Now, for the candidates pre-selected in this first ProUni call, it is time to move forward with the next steps.

The deadline for submitting documentation to the educational institution, in order to prove the information provided during registration, runs from February 6th to 20th.

It is important that candidates pay attention to this deadline. This is because all necessary documentation must be delivered within the established schedule.

When will the second ProUni 2024 call come out?

For those who were not selected in the first ProUni call, there is still a chance. This is the second call, scheduled for February 27th.

Candidates must remain attentive to the results and guidance provided by the MEC so as not to miss this opportunity to gain a place in higher education through ProUni.

It is important to remember that the program continues to be a source of hope and opportunity for all Brazilians seeking to transform their lives through education.

A new journey begins

In conclusion, the result of the 1st ProUni call marks the beginning of a new journey for many Brazilian students.

It is the beginning of an opportunity for transformation and growth, not only academically, but also personally and professionally.

As these students prepare to enter higher education institutions, they are opening doors to a future full of possibilities and achievements.

In this way, ProUni continues to be a symbol of hope and progress, and its importance in building a fairer and more equal Brazil cannot be underestimated.

May all the students who were pre-selected in this first call make the most of this opportunity and move forward with determination and enthusiasm in pursuit of their dreams.

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