see what romance will be like for ALL signs!

February is not even halfway over yet and, this weekend, we have Carnival. It could be a good opportunity for the signs to find great love!

February promises to be a month full of powerful energies and influences of the Orixás in the field of love for all signs of the zodiac.

Therefore, those who are looking for a romance or even an interesting case to spend the rest of the month should keep an eye on the predictions!

February is an excellent month for signs who want to find love. Check the forecast! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

What will the loving February of the signs be like?

See the predictions for each native below!


Firstly, Arians, under the regency of Oyá, prepare for a February full of passion and intensity.

Show your love and desire passionately. Singles will find romantic adventures, attracting potential partners with their personal magnetism.


Next, Taureans, influenced by Obá, the month promises stability and harmony in love. Cultivate intimacy and security in the relationship.

Singles can expect promising encounters, attracting people looking for a lasting bond.


Geminis, February brings an energy of communication and fun, courtesy of Oxum. In your relationship, explore new experiences together.

Singles will benefit from relaxed dating, meeting people who value intelligence and versatility.


Now, Cancerians, the energies of Oxum and Iemanjá promise an intense month in the emotional aspect and in relationships.

Cultivate closeness and expression of affection in your relationship. Singles, this is a period of self-discovery, ideal for seeking a meaningful bond.


For Leos, Oyá brings a vibrant February, full of passion and emotional expression. Value romantic moments and take the opportunity to strengthen your relationship.

Singles, get ready for lively dates and flirtations, allowing your true personality to shine.


Furthermore, Virgos, with the influence of Oxum, the month focuses on stability and building healthy relationships.

Work together to solve challenges and strengthen the emotional bond. Singles, February is a time of reflection and preparation for future meaningful relationships.

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Librans, Oxum promises a month of harmony and balance in relationships. Seek peace and conciliation in your relationships.

For singles, there are chances to make meaningful connections by taking advantage of their sociable nature.


Scorpios, get ready for a transformative February, full of emotional intensity, under the influence of Oyá.

Connect deeply with your partner, exploring the most intimate layers of love. Singles, be ready to dive into relationships that awaken your deepest side.


Sagittarians, Logum Edé brings a month of adventure and expansion in relationships. Seek new experiences and explore new horizons with your partner.

For singles, February holds stimulating encounters and opportunities for personal growth.


Additionally, Capricorns, Oxum emphasizes the importance of stability and commitment in February. In love, seek to strengthen and deepen bonds.

Singles, this is an opportune time to find someone special, with the potential for a lasting relationship.


Aquarians, get ready for a month of freedom and authenticity under the influence of Oxum. In love, value independence and individuality, both yours and your partner’s.

For singles, February brings unexpected encounters and stimulating connections. Value your uniqueness and look for someone who admires your true essence.


Finally, Pisces, the influence of Iemanjá brings a wave of sensitivity and compassion. If you are in a relationship, this is the time to deepen your emotional connection with your partner.

For singles, the month holds romantic encounters and deep connections, guided by intuition.

This month, the energies of the Orixás promise to profoundly influence the love lives of the signs, bringing opportunities, challenges and growth. Whether in a relationship or single, be open to the lessons and blessings that February has to offer.

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