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Bolsa Povo is an initiative to financially support unemployed and vulnerable citizens, promoting social inclusion through Caixa Tem.

In response to the economic challenges faced by the population, the government of the state of São Paulo launches an emergency financial aid measure for the most affected citizens.

Through the Bolsa do Povo program, an emergency Pix of R$540 is available for withdrawal at Caixa Tem. This initiative aims to offer immediate financial support.

The use of Caixa Tem to withdraw aid also highlights the importance of digital solutions in the administration of social benefits, making them more accessible to all citizens.

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Emergency Pix of R$540 available for withdrawal at Caixa Tem: an initiative to support São Paulo residents

In an action aimed at helping the most economically affected population, the government of the state of São Paulo announced the release of an emergency Pix worth R$540, available for withdrawal through Caixa Tem.

This measure is part of the Bolsa do Povo program, a broad initiative that aims to meet the diverse needs of São Paulo citizens through specific projects, such as Bolsa Trabalho.

The implementation of this emergency aid reflects the government’s commitment to offering financial support, especially in challenging times, and demonstrates Caixa Tem’s flexibility as a tool for distributing social benefits.

Check out more details about the benefit

Bolsa Trabalho is aimed at citizens who have been unemployed for more than a year, who do not receive unemployment insurance or similar benefits, and who are registered in the Single Registry, with a family income of up to half the minimum wage per person.

Beneficiaries, preferably women, are selected to work in support roles in places such as schools, daycare centers, secretariats, health centers, and others, mostly managed by the municipal government.

In addition to the monetary value, the program promotes reintegration into the job market and offers an opportunity for community contribution, reinforcing the role of the state government in promoting social and economic inclusion initiatives.

A portal of benefits for everyone

Caixa Tem is a free application that offers various banking services to all Brazilians, even those who do not have a current account with Caixa Econômica Federal.

In addition to facilitating day-to-day financial transactions, the application is also the gateway to various social benefits from the federal government.

Bolsa Família

The main payment channel app for the Bolsa Família program, which benefits millions of families in situations of social vulnerability. The application allows you to check the balance, payment date and withdraw the benefit.


Caixa Tem is also used to pay the PIS Salary Allowance, an annual benefit paid to CLT workers.

The application allows you to check whether you are entitled to PIS, the amount to receive and withdraw the benefit.


The application offers several functionalities related to the Service Time Guarantee Fund (FGTS), such as balance consultation, statement, anniversary withdrawal and withdrawal request in case of unfair dismissal.

To install Caixa Tem, Brazilians need to access the main online cell phone stores. In other words, the app is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

To access the web version, simply click on this link:

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