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The messenger is responsible for a series of features that many users are not even aware of. One of these options is to make payment on WhatsApp.

Have you ever imagined making payments directly through WhatsApp, without having to leave the conversation? With WhatsApp Pay, this is totally possible!

This incredible tool transformed the popular messaging app into a true financial transaction platform, bringing a revolution to the way we deal with money on a daily basis. Check out!

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How to make payment on WhatsApp?

In principle, WhatsApp Pay is an innovative feature that allows you to make and receive payments directly through the app, without complications.

Developed by Meta, this tool was created to simplify transactions between friends, family and even the purchase of products and services, all within your WhatsApp chat.

First, to start using it, simply configure the tool in your application.

The process is simple: access the settings, go to the payments option and follow the steps to link your bank account.

Remember, both you and the person you want to transact with need to have WhatsApp Pay activated.

Safety first

When it comes to money, security is fundamental. WhatsApp Pay uses end-to-end encryption to protect your transactions, ensuring that only you and the person you are transacting with have access to the information.

Furthermore, a security PIN is required for each operation, reinforcing the protection of your data.

Making and requesting payment on WhatsApp

Basically, making a payment is as easy as uploading a photo. Simply select the contact, access the attachment icon, choose ‘Payment’, enter the amount and confirm.

Then, to request a payment, the process is similar, providing a practical way to split the dinner bill, collective birthday gift or any other shared expense.

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Enjoy all the benefits when making payments on WhatsApp

WhatsApp Pay is here to make your life easier, making paying bills, transferring money and making purchases faster and safer.

So, try this new functionality and discover how it can make your daily life even more practical.

With WhatsApp Pay, your favorite messaging app has transformed into a powerful financial tool.

Take advantage of this facility and say goodbye to complications when making and receiving payments.

WhatsApp will allow access to other platforms

Furthermore, WhatsApp is making the final adjustments to a new feature that promises to revolutionize the way we interact with messages from other applications.

From March 2024, in the European Union, users will be able to view messages from other platforms within WhatsApp itself, thanks to the requirement of the European law on digital markets.

In short, this change aims at interoperability between different messaging services, allowing for more fluid and integrated communication.

What is known so far?

To ensure security, third-party applications must adopt end-to-end encryption, similar or superior to the Signal protocol, already used by WhatsApp.

The new feature will only be available to users who opt for this integration, keeping the application as it is for those who prefer not to join.

This innovation opens up a new range of possibilities for digital communication, making WhatsApp even more central to the way we connect with the world.

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