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Who is entitled to the calamity withdrawal that can be requested today, February 1st? We show you everything you need to know about the benefit.

In response to the adversities caused by extreme weather events, a new measure brings encouragement to many who seek to get back on their feet: the calamity withdrawal has been released, offering an opportunity for financial recovery for those affected.

The initiative allows workers access to significant resources to rebuild their homes and lives, marking an important step on the journey towards normality! See if you are eligible.

Everything about the release of the FGTS calamity withdrawal! Credit: plasticaxe.

What is calamity loot?

The calamity withdrawal is a modality of the FGTS (Guarantee Fund for Length of Service) designed to assist workers affected by emergency situations or a state of public calamity.

This modality allows access to financial resources that can be crucial for recovery and reconstruction in times of crisis.

Calamity withdrawal is released to THESE workers

Due to the intense rains that hit the region, the FGTS is now available to workers in Rio de Janeiro who had their homes impacted.

The request process can be done in a practical and digital way, through the FGTS application (available for Android and iOS) on your cell phone, or in person, at a Caixa Econômica Federal branch.

It is essential that interested parties make the request by March 31st and be included in the list of affected streets, prepared by Civil Defense.

Who is entitled to the benefit?

The right to calamity withdrawal is granted to residents of areas recognized in a state of public calamity or emergency situation by the federal government.

In the case of Rio de Janeiro, Mayor Eduardo Paes has already declared an emergency situation and sent the necessary documentation to Caixa Econômica, facilitating residents’ access to the benefit.

How do I request the calamity withdrawal?

To request withdrawal, workers need to be aware of the required documentation and follow the correct procedures.

It is necessary to check whether the residence is included in the Civil Defense list and, if not, it is possible to request inclusion by sending the address by email to the Municipal Department of Labor and Income.

After confirmation of the damage by Civil Defense, the property will be included in the list of residences suitable for looting.

Withdrawal limits and conditions

The calamity withdrawal allows access to amounts of up to R$6,220, however it is important to highlight that the worker cannot have withdrawn due to a natural disaster in the last 12 months.

The measure aims to ensure that aid is directed to those who really need it, due to new emergency situations.

Don’t miss your chance to cash out!

The release of the calamity loot for the residents of Rio de Janeiro comes at a crucial time, offering financial support for the reconstruction of areas and lives affected by the rains.

It is essential that beneficiaries comply with the requirements and deadlines established to guarantee access to the benefit, thus contributing to a more agile and efficient recovery of the community.

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