see how to withdraw the 2024 PIS/Pasep

Payment of PIS/Pasep has already started and workers can start checking their bank accounts to see if they have access to the benefit.

The 2024 PIS/Pasep salary bonus has already started to be deposited into the accounts of Brazilian workers, bringing financial relief to more than 20 million beneficiaries.

With the recent adjustment to the minimum wage, the benefit values ​​were readjusted, promising an even more significant benefit for those who meet the program’s rules.

This way, if you are one of the workers who will receive the benefit, find out everything about paying for the program and how to access the money!

If you are going to receive the PIS/Pasep payment this year, see how to check the amounts at the bank. / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Who receives PIS/Pasep?

In principle, those entitled to PIS/Pasep are workers who meet certain criteria established by the government.

To be eligible, the individual must have formally worked for at least 30 days in the base year, receiving up to two minimum wages per month on average.

In addition, you must be registered with PIS/Pasep for at least five years and have your data correctly entered in the Annual Social Information List (RAIS) by the employer.

In fact, even if you were fired for just cause, you may still be entitled to PIS/Pasep, as long as you meet the other requirements.

Who does not receive the allowance?

On the other hand, those who cannot receive the bonus are those who do not meet these requirements, including workers who are not registered.

In addition to these, domestic workers cannot have access to the values.

How does the PIS/Pasep calculation work?

PIS/Pasep values ​​vary depending on the time worked in the base year. The calculation is proportional to the number of months of service, with the maximum value being equal to the current minimum wage.

Therefore, those who worked the entire year receive the full amount, while those who worked just one month receive proportionally, that is, 1/12 of the minimum wage.

In short, this structure ensures that the benefit is distributed fairly, reflecting each worker’s contribution time throughout the year.

How to receive your allowance?

Furthermore, to withdraw PIS, intended for workers in the private sector, go to a Caixa branch, lottery or use the self-service system with your citizen card.

As for Pasep, aimed at public servants, Banco do Brasil is responsible for payments. Have your ID, CPF and work card for PIS on hand, or your registration number for Pasep.

PIS/Pasep payment calendar

Finally, the payment calendar takes into account the month of birth for PIS and the last digit of the registration number for Pasep.

Payments began on February 15th for those born in January (PIS) and registrations with an ending of 0 (Pasep). Check the specific dates for each group and prepare to receive your benefit.


Born in January: from 15/02 Born in February: from 15/03 Born in March: from 15/04 Born in April: from 15/04 Born in May: from 15/05 Born in June: a from 15/05Born in July: from 17/06Born in August: from 17/06Born in September: from 15/07Born in October: from 15/07Born in November: from 15/08Born in December: from 15/08


NIS Final 0: from 02/15 NIS Final 1: from 03/15 NIS Final 2 and 3: from 04/15 NIS Final 4 and 5: from 05/15 NIS Final 6 and 7 : as of 15/06Final 8 of the NIS: as of 15/07Final 9 of the NIS: as of 15/08

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