See how to unlock the R$1,200 withdrawal on the Caixa Tem app TODAY

Learn how to release up to R$1,200 in Caixa Tem with our quick and easy guide. Cash out today and secure hassle-free financial relief.

It’s time to upgrade your finances! Have you ever thought about unlocking an extra amount of up to R$1,200 through Caixa Tem?

Well, if you didn’t know about this possibility, then now you will be fully aware of how to receive this extra amount.

See how to unlock withdrawals of up to R$1,278 on the Caixa Tem app today. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

EXTRA withdrawal of R$ 1.2 THOUSAND at Caixa Tem

With the arrival of February, excellent news arrives for Bolsa Família beneficiaries: the unlocking of up to R$1,278 through the Caixa Tem app.

That’s right! Around 21 million families in socially vulnerable situations are waiting for this financial relief.

This payment cycle is special, you know? Some may receive more than usual thanks to the program’s new benefit structure.

After all, the withdrawal includes not only a base amount, but also additional amounts that fit different family situations.

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How to unlock Caixa Tem withdrawal?

Let’s understand the heart of this process: the Citizenship Income Benefit. Imagine a family of nine people being able to reach the ceiling of R$1,278!

But, calm down. The value varies depending on the number of members, ensuring that everyone has the necessary support.

For smaller families, who do not reach the minimum of R$600, there is an assured supplement. This means no one is left behind.

Furthermore, there are extras for pregnant women, mothers of babies, children and teenagers up to 18 years old, and a plus for children up to six years old. Now, the big difference: the practicality of Caixa Tem.

With just a few clicks, the withdrawal is unlocked, bringing peace of mind for food, health and education expenses. All this without leaving home!

Payment calendar FEBRUARY

Namely, the organization of payments follows the last digit of the NIS, starting on February 16th for those ending in 1 and continuing until the 29th, for those ending in 0.

Therefore, keep an eye on the calendar and prepare for the unlocking. See the complete schedule in the lines below:

Final NIS 1 – payment on February 16th; Final NIS 2 – payment on February 19th (values ​​available on Saturday, 17/02); Final NIS 3 – payment on February 20th; Final NIS 4 – payment on February 21st; NIS of end 5 – payment on February 22nd; end 8 – payment on February 27th; NIS end 9 – payment on February 28th; NIS end 0 – payment on February 29th.

Remember: following notifications in Caixa Tem is crucial. This way, you don’t miss the right moment to unlock your withdrawal and make the most of this benefit.

Final tips for unlocking Caixa Tem withdrawals smoothly

Keep your app updated: avoid setbacks when accessing your money.Check your internet connection: for an uninterrupted process.Have your documents at hand: in case you need to confirm data.

This Bolsa Família cycle is more than financial support: it is the guarantee that the needs of Brazilian families are being met with care and attention.

So, take this chance to unlock your Caixa Tem withdrawal today and give your finances a breather!

Ready to unlock your loot and make this month count even more? With these tips, the process will be smooth and you will be able to enjoy your benefits without any headaches.

So, don’t leave it for later, the time to act is now!

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