see how to transform your TV into a Smart from R$ 250.00

Nowadays it is very easy to have a Smart TV at home without having to resort to illegal services. Furthermore, officers are much safer.

Do you still remember that feeling when you turn on your TV and find only free-to-air channels or, at most, a DVD player as your only source of entertainment? Well, times have changed!

Today, a Smart TV offers us a universe of possibilities: video streaming, music, games, various applications and even internet browsing.

But what if we told you that your old TV can gain a new life and become a Smart TV, without you having to invest in a new one? Yes, it is possible and we will tell you how!

Are you tired of having to appeal to Gatonet that stops working? See how to have a Smart TV in just a few steps! / Photo: publicity

Stick or TV Box: which one to choose?

To begin this transformation, you have two main options:

Stick, which is a compact device, similar to a pen drive, connected directly to the HDMI input on your TV; TV Box, a small box that is placed next to the TV, offering additional features such as a converter, decoder or channel receiver.

Each option has its advantages and particularities, and the choice will depend on your specific needs and available space.

Simplified installation

The beauty of these devices is their ease of installation. In the case of the Stick, simply connect it to the HDMI input, as if it were a pen drive, and voilà!

You will have access to a new world of content. The TV Box, despite requiring a little more space, offers additional features that may be worth it for those looking for a more complete experience.

Without Gatonet: legality and safety

A crucial point is to ensure that your device is legalized and approved by Anatel. Fortunately, there are several options on the market that meet these requirements, offering a safe and legal experience.

Models from renowned brands such as Google, Amazon and Xiaomi are examples of devices that guarantee not only the transformation of your TV, but also your peace of mind.

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What is the danger of having Gatonet?

Going "gatonet", that is, illegally accessing cable TV services, involves significant risks. In addition to being an illegal practice, subject to legal penalties, including fines and lawsuits, it compromises digital security.

Users can expose their personal data to risks, increasing vulnerability to malware and cyber attacks.

This puts the integrity of connected devices and user privacy at risk, as well as harming legitimate companies and their employees, affecting the economy and innovation in the entertainment sector.

And a pirated TV Box?

Having a pirated TV Box brings similar dangers to those of the "gatonet". These unauthorized devices may violate copyright laws and expose users to legal consequences.

Additionally, they often lack adequate security, becoming gateways to malware and data breaches.

This not only compromises device security but can also result in identity theft and financial fraud.

Using these devices compromises the integrity of the entertainment industry, harming content creators and companies that rely on legal media distribution.

A new era for your TV

Transforming your old TV into a Smart TV is more than a technological upgrade; It’s opening the door to a new universe of entertainment and information, with the comfort of not having to get rid of that device that is already part of the family.

With an affordable initial investment, you can enjoy all the benefits of Smart TVs and keep your living room up to date with the latest trends in the digital world. So, how about taking that step and starting to explore all these new possibilities?

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