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Guarantee discounts on your electricity bill in 2024! Find out how to request the Social Tariff and save on your electricity

The Social Electricity Tariff (TSEE) is a program that will gain prominence in Brazil in 2024, as the government confirmed the continuity of discounts on the electricity bill.

This program is essential to offer support to low-income families, ensuring them access to an essential service such as electricity.

In the lines below, we will explore how this benefit works and the process for requesting the Social Tariff.

2024 brings good news: Government confirms discounts on electricity bills. Find out how to take advantage of the benefit! (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Who can request the Social Tariff in 2024?

Initially, to guarantee access to discounts on their electricity bill in 2024, Brazilians must meet certain eligibility criteria. Are they:

Registration in the Single Registry for Social Programs of the Federal Government (CadÚnico): The family must be registered with CadÚnico, which is a government tool for identifying and characterizing low-income families. Family Income: The monthly income per person in the family must be equal to or less than half the minimum wage. In addition, families with members who receive the Continuous Payment Benefit (BPC) are also eligible, regardless of their income. Residence: The applicant’s residence must be used for residential purposes. Energy Consumption: Electricity consumption in the residence also is a determining factor for discounts. This is because, the lower the consumption, the greater the percentage discount on the electricity bill. Updated Registration Information: Keeping registration information updated in CadÚnico is crucial to guarantee the continuity of the benefit.

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How do I request the Social Electricity Tariff?

In summary, the Social Tariff request process is straightforward and involves the following steps:

Check Eligibility: First, make sure you meet the eligibility criteria, including per capita family income of up to half a minimum wage and registration with CadÚnico. Registration with CadÚnico: If you are not yet registered with CadÚnico, look for the Reference Center of Social Assistance (CRAS) or your city hall to register. Make sure to take personal documents from all family members, such as ID, CPF and proof of residence. Registration Update: It is essential to keep your registration with CadÚnico up to date. Any change in family composition, address or income must be included in CadÚnico.

Nowadays, the granting of the Social Tariff to families registered with CadÚnico occurs automatically.

Therefore, if the family meets the per capita income criterion of half a minimum wage and is not yet registered with CadÚnico, it is essential to request the benefit and obtain guidance at the Social Assistance Reference Centers (CRAS) throughout Brazil.

If you meet these requirements, you will be included in the Social Tariff and will begin to enjoy discounts on your electricity bill.

Bolsa Família and the Social Tariff

If you receive Bolsa Família, it is important to know that you automatically meet the eligibility criteria for the Social Electricity Tariff.

Bolsa Família is one of the federal government’s social programs and guarantees access to the Social Tariff, regardless of other income criteria.

To ensure that you are properly registered for the Social Tariff, it is vital to keep your registration in the Federal Government’s Single Registry for Social Programs updated.

CadÚnico is the database used to identify and characterize low-income families, and updating is essential to guarantee continuous access to social benefits.

If you already receive Bolsa Família, contact the electricity concessionaire that serves your region to obtain information on the specific procedures for inclusion in the Social Tariff.

Generally, inclusion is automatic for Bolsa Família beneficiaries, but it is always prudent to check and ensure that all benefits to which you are entitled are being correctly applied to your electricity bill.

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