see how to request a new Brazilian document

The new RG is a document that replaces the older version. Therefore, it is a good idea to update the document as soon as possible.

Have you heard about the new ID card that is revolutionizing the way Brazilians carry their documents? Well, this innovation is already a reality for more than 35 million people in Brazil, according to the Ministry of Management and Innovation.

The best of everything? The first issue is free! However, it is good to be sure if the mission has already started in your state. Check out more details about this!

If you don’t know the new RG yet, see all the important details about it! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Advantages of the new RG

Firstly, the great highlight of the new RG is its ability to unify several documents in a single place. This means less worry and more practicality for you.

Now, it is possible to include records such as CNH, Social Identification number (NIS), National Health Card, military title, work card, vaccination card and voter registration card, all in the same document.

CPF as main identification

A significant change is the replacement of the ID number, which is state, with the CPF, which is federal. This measure aims to reduce the chances of fraud and scams, making identification safer and more unified throughout the national territory.

How to issue your new ID?

The issuance of the new ID has been mandatory in all states since January 11th of this year. But don’t worry, your current ID will remain valid until at least February 2032. If you’re thinking about updating your documents, here’s a step-by-step guide:

Scheduling: look for the civil agency responsible for issuing documents in your state and schedule a date and time; Required documentation: then, on the scheduled day, take your current identification document, birth certificate and all the documents you want to include in the new RG;Confirmation and online access: after issuance, your new ID will also be available online, through the app.

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Simplification and security

The new ID represents a significant advance in simplifying personal documentation and securing data for Brazilian citizens.

With it, the era of carrying a wallet full of documents is coming to an end. Furthermore, the unification of personal records into a single document reduces bureaucracy and improves the efficiency of public services.

Do I have to issue the document now?

In fact, issuing a new ID card, or National Identity Card (CIN), is not mandatory for everyone at the moment. Citizens can continue using their current ID until at least February 2032.

In summary, the new version is recommended mainly for those who need to update or issue a new identification document. Therefore, there is no need to rush or worry about immediately replacing the traditional RG with the new model.

Which states already issue the new ID?

Currently, the states that are already issuing the new ID, known as CIN, are:

Rio Grande do SulMinas GeraisParanáGoiásAcrePiauíPernambucoAmazonasMato GrossoRio de JaneiroSanta CatarinaAlagoas

Finally, this advance reflects the government’s commitment to modernizing and simplifying the lives of Brazilians, facilitating access to services and ensuring greater security in identification.

So, are you ready to be part of this new era? Update your ID and enjoy the benefits of having all your documents in one place!

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