See how to fill out MEI's ANNUAL billing statement

The annual MEI declaration is a document of great importance, in addition to being an obligation of the micro-entrepreneur. The deadline to declare is approaching.

The season is now open for Individual Microentrepreneurs (MEIs) to send the Annual Billing Declaration, with the aim of indicating how much they accumulated in the previous year.

With the deadline set for May this year, it is crucial not to leave it to the last minute. After all, keeping up to date with tax obligations is an essential step towards the success and peace of mind of your business.

In this sense, those who still don’t know how to do it or are going through the process for the first time should pay attention to the rules and step by step instructions. Let’s go?

Do you need to make the annual MEI declaration, but still don’t know how? See the step by step! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Understand DASN-SIMEI

The DASN-SIMEI, or Annual Declaration of Simples Nacional for Individual Microentrepreneurs, is the document where you, MEI, report all receipts from your business over the last year.

In short, this declaration is a portrait of your business for the IRS and guarantees the regularity of your company.

Step by step for the MEI declaration

To send the DASN-SIMEI without complications, follow these detailed steps:

Access the Simples Nacional Portal (and enter your CNPJ;Choose the corresponding calendar year, which for declarations in 2024 will be the year 2023;Detail your annual gross revenue, dividing it between services provided, with ISS, and trade activities or industry, with ICMS, if applicable;Check if there is a need to fill in additional information. Important: declare whether you hired an employee during the period;Before finalizing, review all data to ensure its accuracy. Confirm sending and save the receipt generated as proof of the declaration made.

Do not leave to the last minute!

Procrastinating can be a trap! If MEI does not deliver the DASN-SIMEI within the deadline, which ends on May 31st, it will face consequences.

Initially, a fine will be imposed, which can reach R$50.00. If payment is made within 30 days, the fine is reduced to R$25.00.

In addition to the financial penalty, failure to submit the declaration may lead to the suspension of the CNPJ, making it impossible to issue invoices and access social security benefits.

This irregularity also makes it difficult to obtain credit and financing, harming the financial health of the business.

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Even without billing, declare!

Yes, even if your MEI has not had any changes during the year, the declaration is mandatory. In these cases, you must send the DASN-SIMEI with zero billing.

This is a rule that guarantees its regularity and avoids future complications with the IRS. Not respecting it can generate serious problems.

DASN-SIMEI x IRPF Declaration

Furthermore, it is essential not to confuse the annual MEI declaration with the Personal Income Tax Declaration (IRPF). They are distinct processes, although both are important.

While DASN-SIMEI refers to your company, the IRPF declaration concerns your income as a citizen.

The cases also differ, as there are MEIs that do not need to declare income tax, due to annual revenue below the minimum of two salaries, but must submit the DASN-SIMEI, for example.

Finally, the DAS (Simples Nacional Collection Document) is essential for the MEI, as it consolidates the monthly taxes into a single bill. Includes federal, state and municipal taxes, simplifying the tax process.

Regular payment of DAS guarantees the maintenance of social security benefits, such as retirement and sickness benefits, in addition to keeping the company in compliance with tax obligations. Delays or non-payment can result in fines, interest and risks to the regularity of the business.

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