See how to CHECK your CPF TODAY (02/22) and find out if you were awarded at Caixa Tem

Caixa Tem is an important application for millions of Brazilians, especially those who receive social benefits from the government.

In today’s financial world, digital tools like Caixa Tem are essential. This application facilitates access to financial services and social benefits.

Users can, with a few clicks, check balances, receive aid such as Bolsa Família, in addition to paying bills and making transfers. The practicality and security offered by Caixa Tem represent a milestone in the financial inclusion of Brazilians.

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Caixa Tem announces new benefits for Brazilians; understand

Caixa Tem is responsible for paying Bolsa Família. Brazilians who meet the criteria can make the inquiry by following these steps:

Open Caixa Tem: available for Android and iOS; Log in to your account; Access the balance option.

The application can be accessed through this link:

Who can receive benefits through the app?

Bolsa Família is paid to Brazilians registered in the Single Registry for Social Programs of the Federal Government (CadÚnico). Furthermore, Caixa Tem pays:

FGTS: The application allows you to check the balance of the Guarantee Fund and request a withdrawal of available amounts, including in the event of termination of an employment contract, public calamity or purchase of your own home.PIS: Caixa Tem also facilitates monitoring of the Salary Allowance, releasing the amount for withdrawal when available.


In addition to facilitating the receipt of benefits, Caixa Tem offers several other features, such as:

Digital account: The application allows you to open a free digital account, without the need to go to a bank branch.Virtual debit card: Caixa Tem offers a virtual debit card for online purchases.Payments: The application allows you to pay bills and slips, including with barcodes.Transfers: Caixa Tem allows transfers to be made to other banks, including via Pix.Cardless withdrawal: The application allows you to withdraw money from Caixa ATMs without the need to use a physical card.Recharge cell phone: Caixa Tem allows you to top up cell phones from any operator.

How to register

To register with Caixa Tem, you must have a valid CPF and a cell phone number registered in your name. The application can be downloaded for free from the Google Play and App Store stores.

Bolsa Família Calendar

As already mentioned, to receive Bolsa Família it is necessary to meet the eligibility criteria. In addition to CadÚnico, the monthly per capita family income must be up to R$218.

Bolsa Família for February follows the following payment schedule:

The NIS that ends in 1 will receive it on February 16th;The NIS that ends in 2 will receive it on February 19th;The NIS that ends in 3 will receive it on February 20th;The NIS that ends in 4 will receive on February 21st;The NIS that ends in 5 will receive it on February 22nd;The NIS that ends in 6 will receive it on February 23rd;The NIS that ends in 7 will receive it on February 26th;The NIS that ends in 8 will receive it on February 27th;The NIS that ends in 9 will receive it on February 28th;The NIS that ends in 0 will receive it on February 29th.

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