see how to avoid fine mesh

Find out how to adapt to the new Income Tax rules and deadlines in 2024 and avoid falling through the cracks. Essential tips for an error-free declaration at your disposal.

That time of year has come when many of us have our hair on end: the Income Tax declaration.

But don't worry, we have news for 2024 that promises to make this process easier. So, take a deep breath and let's unveil these changes together.

Avoid the fine print with our guide on changes to Income Tax 2024. Clear guidelines for those who want to declare with security and peace of mind. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

NEWS in Income Tax 2024

Firstly, great news: the deadlines have been standardized. Now, regardless of your category, the window to submit your declaration is from March 15th to May 31st. Simple, isn’t it?

Furthermore, a golden tip is to consider the help of an accountant. Even though the Federal Revenue program is very intuitive, a professional can avoid those mistakes that lead us to the dreaded fine mesh.

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Who should declare and what do they need?

We are still waiting for the specific rules for 2024, but if everything remains as before, anyone who earned more than R$28,559.70 last year can now prepare.

And don’t forget Stock Exchange investors, movements above R$40,000 are also on the list.

Organize your documents! Identity, CPF, proof of income and deductible expenses are essential. Having everything at hand makes it much easier to fill in the data.

Simplified or detailed?

Here it will depend on your expense profile. The simplified one is friendly to those who have few expenses to deduct, while the detailed one favors those who have accumulated many receipts throughout the year.

The Revenue program itself helps you decide, showing which option is most advantageous for you.

How to do the math?

Don’t worry, the Income Tax software does most of the work. It calculates how much you owe or have to receive as you fill in the data.

But if you want to understand the process, start by identifying your deductible expenses and follow the steps to understand how this impacts the final value.

Good news in the exemption range

In 2024, anyone earning up to two minimum wages, that is, R$2,824, is free from income tax. But look, even if you are exempt, if you fit this profile, you still need to declare.

It’s always good to be up to date with the IRS, don’t you agree?

Tips to prevent your Income Tax declaration from falling through the cracks

Double-check everything: Careful review can save you from simple mistakes.Medical expenses: These are fully deductible, so keep all receipts.Education: There are limits to this deduction, so understand before filing.Update your information: Changed address or married? Inform the Revenue to avoid information mismatches.

Finally, remember that declaring your Income Tax doesn’t have to be a big deal. With the new rules and deadlines for 2024, everything indicates that the process will be smoother.

And of course, with these tips, we hope you stay away from fine mesh. Ready to face the lion? With calm and organization, you will definitely emerge victorious!

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