See how to adjust your CPF with the new LAW that has just been published (02/21)

Simplify your life with the new CPF law: a single number for all your documents. Find out how to adapt to this change and enjoy more practicality in your everyday life.

Have you heard about the new CPF law? It promises to simplify the lives of Brazilians in an incredible way! Imagine a world where a single number is the key to everything. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? But that is exactly what the new legislation seeks to do.

From now on, your CPF is your passport to the world of services. Whether at the bank, in the SUS queue, or even to obtain documents, the CPF will be the only number you will need to remember. So, ready to simplify your life?

It does not stop there! With this change, a new wave of practicality will invade everyone’s daily lives. Let’s explore together how this new development will affect you and what you need to do to adapt. Prepared? So, let’s go!

The new CPF legislation promises to revolutionize the way we deal with documents in Brazil. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

The new CPF law is a milestone! Now, all documents issued, whether new or reissued, will have the CPF number as the main identification.

In other words, it means that your ID, work card, voter registration card, and many other documents will have the same number. Easy, right?

But what about existing documents? Don’t worry! The law provides a period of 12 months for everyone to adjust to this new reality. So there’s plenty of time to get organized.

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How to adapt to the new law?

Adapting to the new law is simpler than it seems. First, check the validity of your documents.

If any of them are about to expire or need updating, take the opportunity to include your CPF as the main number.

If your documents are up to date, pay attention to the 12-month deadline. During this period, public bodies and professional boards will begin to make the transition.

So, when it is necessary to issue or reissue any document, your CPF will already be the identification number.

List of documents that will adopt the CPF as a unique number:

Birth certificateMarriage certificateDeath certificateNational Identification Document (DNI)Work and Social Security Card (CTPS)National Driving License (CNH)Voter ID National Health Card

And the list doesn’t stop there! From registration with PIS/Pasep to the military certificate, everyone will use the CPF as identification.

Isn’t that amazing? A small change in the law, but a big step towards simplifying bureaucracy in the country.

In conclusion, the new CPF law is an invitation for all of us to enter an era of simplification and efficiency.

With this change, the government hopes to not only make citizens’ lives easier, but also make systems more integrated and secure.

And you, what do you think of this news? Are you ready to embrace this change and enjoy the simplicity it promises to bring?

Remember, adaptation is a process, but with clear and accurate information, everything becomes easier.

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