See how the process to INCREASE your INSS salary works: step by step

Learn step by step how to increase your INSS salary with a lifetime review. Check if you are eligible and how to proceed to ensure a fairer benefit.

Imagine having the opportunity to review your benefit and possibly increase your INSS salary. This is the proposal for a lifelong review, a golden chance for many Brazilians.

The decision, approved by the Federal Supreme Court (STF) recently, opened the door for retirees and pensioners to request a new calculation of their benefits.

In the following lines, understand how this process can benefit you, following a simple and direct guide.

Understand how a lifetime review can increase the value of your INSS retirement. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

How to increase your INSS salary?

Imagine being able to review your retirement calculation including all contribution periods. Until recently, only salaries after July 1994 were considered.

Now, with approval by the Federal Supreme Court, the whole life review opens new doors for those seeking a fairer benefit.

Also know: INSS issues ALERT to group of beneficiaries; Be careful not to LOSE your payment!

What has changed?

Previously, the rule limited contributions to the post-1994 period. The recent court decision now allows the entire contributory life to be evaluated.

For you to understand better, this means that, in specific cases, the monthly pension benefit can go from R$1,100 to R$1,206, exemplifying a real gain for the beneficiary.

Step by step to increase your INSS salary

First, check your eligibility: If you started contributing before 1994 and believe your wages were higher before that date, this review may be for you. Next, calculate the benefit: First of all, it’s crucial to calculate whether the review will benefit you. Not everyone will have an increase in benefits, so this step is essential. Finally, look for a specialized lawyer: Choose a trusted professional to guide you through the process. It will be essential to analyze your case, calculate the benefit and file a lawsuit.

Who is entitled to INSS review?

Revision is not for everyone. It is intended for those who receive retirement based on contribution time, age, special, disability, sickness benefit, or death pension, since 1999.

Either way, individual analysis is the key. A social security lawyer will be able to carry out precise calculations and advise on the feasibility of the review.

Furthermore, remember: each case is unique and requires detailed analysis.

Types of INSS review

Namely, in addition to the whole life review, there are other types that may adjust to your needs:

Disability Benefit Review: Evaluates the increase in disability benefit. Ceiling Review: Checks the adequacy of the benefit to the Social Security ceiling. Black Hole Review: Corrects retirement calculations between July 1975 and June 1991. Benefit Review – Illness: Confirms inability to work.

In short, the lifetime review is an opportunity for many Brazilians to reassess the value of their retirement.

With the right support and careful consideration, you can ensure a fairer benefit that reflects all of your lifetime contributions.

Therefore, be sure to explore this possibility and potentially increase your INSS salary.

With this information, you are ready to consider a lifetime review. And don’t forget that the support of a specialized professional is crucial to navigating this process.

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