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Protect yourself from PIX scams by knowing the 5 main frauds and learning effective tips to avoid falling into traps. Keep your money safe with our guidelines.

In recent times, PIX has revolutionized the way we carry out financial transactions. However, along with its convenience, opportunists also appeared on duty.

Scams via PIX are becoming increasingly more elaborate, claiming thousands of victims every day across Brazil.

That said, in the following lines, we will unveil the 5 main scams and how you can protect yourself against them. Prepared? So, keep reading.

Scams via PIX are on the rise: learn how to identify the most common ones and check out strategies to avoid becoming a victim. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

What are the main PIX scams?

We have listed below; check out:

1. The Ghost Hand Scam

Imagine making a transfer via PIX and, without realizing it, the money goes to another account. This is the Ghost Hand Strike.

In short, criminals, using malware, change the recipient of your PIX. To protect yourself, only download apps from safe sources and enable two-factor authentication.

2. The PIX Robot Scam

Promises of easy money always attract attention, and the PIX robot scam takes advantage of this.

Namely, the fraudsters ask for an initial amount, promising large financial returns. The tip here is clear: be wary of easy gains and investigate before making any transfer.

3. Beware of Fake QR Code

In this scam, criminals create fake QR Codes to divert your transfers. They can pose as acquaintances or trusted establishments.

Therefore, always check the origin and authenticity of the QR Code before making any type of payment.

4. GoPix

Similar to the Ghost Hand Scam, GoPix changes the PIX key during online payments. Malicious ads and fake links are the bait.

Here, surveillance is your ally. In other words, always check the authenticity of websites and be wary of suspicious sponsored links.

5. The Reverse PIX Scam

In short, fraudsters claim to have mistakenly made a PIX to your account and request a refund. Before taking any action, check your bank statement.

If the money isn’t there, it’s a scam. If you have any questions, contact your bank immediately.

How to protect against PIX day shocks?

In principle, prevention is the key word. In this sense, keep your devices safe with good antivirus and regular updates.

Furthermore, be wary of tempting offers and always check the veracity of the information. When making a PIX, check the recipient’s details carefully.

Finally, remember: caution and information are your greatest allies against scams via PIX. Protect yourself and keep your money safe!

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