see how 24h INCOME works and how much your money can yield

Brazilians can save money through the Nubank bank account. See how this financial service works.

The Nubank bank account is a way to save and collect money. It is worth noting that the app is considered one of the largest banks in the country. Even so, many Brazilians do not know how the service works.

Nubank has numerous credit and investment options. In the case of boxes, the yield is automatic. Continue reading this article to find out how the boxes work.

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Can everyone use Nubank Caixas? See how the benefit works

Nubank’s Caixas allow you to organize your finances and achieve your goals in a simple, personalized and fun way.

Whether you want to go on a dream trip, buy a new car or simply save money for the future, Little Boxes help you have more control over your expenses and carry out your plans more easily.

Start organizing your dreams

Create personalized boxes: Define a name and a goal for each box, whether for a trip, a new car or buying a property. Set goals: Determine how much you want to save and in how long. The Little Boxes help you calculate the ideal value for each objective. Track your progress: Visualize how much you have already collected and monitor your progress in real time.

Ways to contribute to your boxes

Transfers: Deposit the amount you want at any time. Rounding up purchases: For each purchase with the Nubank card, the amount can be rounded up and the difference goes directly to the chosen box. Automatic deposit: Schedule automatic deposits of an amount fixed to your boxes.

Invest your dreams

Automatic income: Nubank’s Caixas yield automatically, without having to invest in other products. Security and liquidity: Your money is always available for you to withdraw whenever you want.

Points to consider about the service

Nubank’s Little Boxes are an innovative tool for organizing your dreams and achieving your goals.

However, like any financial product, it is important to keep some points in mind before using them:


Nubank’s Caixinhas invest in fixed income, with profitability linked to the CDI. This profitability may be lower than other investments, such as shares or investment funds.


Each box has a balance limit of R$5,000.00. The maximum deposit amount per month is R$10,000.00.


The tax on financial operations (IOF) is levied on the income from the boxes. Income tax is also levied on income that exceeds R$ 1,428.00 per month.


Despite being a low-risk investment, Nubank’s Caixas are not risk-free. Market fluctuations can lead to losses in the amount invested.


There are other options on the market that can offer greater profitability, such as investment funds or shares. It is important to compare the different options before choosing the best one for you.


Nubank’s Caixas are a good option for those looking to organize their finances and achieve short and medium-term goals. However, it is important to keep in mind the limitations, taxes and risks involved. It is recommended to compare with other options on the market before deciding if Little Boxes are the best choice for you.

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