School Supplies Card is still available; value of up to R$320.00 for use

Needing money for back to school? The school material card, which is still available, can provide Brazilians with the amounts they need at this time.

The back-to-school season brings excellent news for families in the Federal District registered with CadÚnico: the School Material Card, with values ​​of up to R$320, is now available for collection.

This benefit aims to support the purchase of school materials for children and young people of school age, relieving the family budget during this period. See how you can take advantage of this benefit.

The School Supplies Card is an excellent way to secure materials without spending what you can’t afford / Photo: publicity

Discover the School Supplies Card

Starting the school year brings financial challenges for many families, especially when it comes to purchasing school supplies.

However, for residents of the Federal District registered with CadÚnico, a practical and beneficial solution is available: the School Material Card, which can cost up to R$320.

This benefit is a great help for families looking for financial relief when purchasing the materials necessary for their children’s education.

School Supplies Card eligibility and values

In principle, to be eligible for this benefit, you must be registered in the Single Registry, with children aged 4 to 17 and enrolled in the public education network.

The values ​​vary depending on the educational level: R$320 for children in kindergarten, special and elementary education, and R$240 for young people in secondary education.

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Use of the benefit

Beneficiaries can use the card at any of the 339 stationery stores accredited by the Federal District, ensuring easy access to school materials.

This flexibility allows families to choose the products that best meet their children’s educational needs.

Furthermore, on the official portal of the Federal District, a list of items that can be purchased using the School Material Card (CME) is published. Check it out below.

For high school students, the list includes:

Brush no. 14 with flat bristles; Pack of A4 paper; Wide adhesive tape; Adhesive stick; Thick tip pen; Colorless eraser; 13 cm school scissors without sharp tips; Folder with elastic closure; Box of crayons with 12 fine colors;Dictionary for school use;White cardboard sheet;Set of colored pencils with 12 units;Sharpener with collector;30 centimeter ruler;No. 2 graphite pencil;EVA sheet;White liquid adhesive;University notebook 10 subjects with hardcover;Set of crayons with 6 colors.

For Elementary School, the materials are:

Sheet of cardboard paper in white; Adhesive stick; Ballpoint pens in black, blue and red; 30 cm acrylic ruler; 360° full protractor; Graphite pencils in triangular formats 4B and 2B; School diary; Tracing paper size A4;Glue paste;Water-based liquid correction fluid;Felt markers in a set of 12 colors;Simple sharpener;21 cm square;Hardcover notebook for notes;Graphic paper pad;School scissors without sharp ends;Language dictionaries English and Portuguese;Colored pencils in triangular format with 12 units;Eraser without pigmentation;Metallic compass;Sketchbook;Single color backpack.

This selection was prepared by the state Department of Education, which specifies the quantity and dimensions of the products.

Benefit holders must make purchases within 45 days of receiving the card, ensuring that students have the necessary resources for the academic year.

Don’t miss the deadline to purchase the School Supplies Card!

Finally, with the School Supplies Card, families in the Federal District have a valuable opportunity to guarantee a smoother and less expensive return to school.

If you are eligible, take advantage of this chance to make purchasing school supplies easier and ensure a productive school year for your children.

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