Save up to 50% on your electricity bill with THESE 4 tips

If you spend a lot on electricity, keep an eye on our tips! Save almost half your electricity bill with practical methods that really work.

In Brazilian daily life, fixed expenses such as electricity, water, gas and internet bills consume a significant part of the family budget. In times of inflation and the search for greater domestic savings, finding ways to reduce these expenses becomes essential.

Among these expenses, the electricity bill is particularly notorious for its spikes, especially in months of greater use of electronic devices and appliances. However, what many don’t know is that small changes in habits and conscious use can lead to substantial savings.

Save on your electricity bill with our tips! Credit: plasticaxe.

Brazilians' recurring expenses

The monthly expenses of a Brazilian household go beyond basic bills. The electricity bill, in particular, has shown an increasing burden, driven not only by tariffs but also by the intensive use of household appliances which, if poorly managed, can be real villains in energy consumption.

The washing machine is a classic example, often cited as one of the biggest energy consumers in a home. But is it solely responsible for the high energy bills?

Save on your electricity bill by transforming your habits

Contrary to common sense, the washing machine, despite its significant consumption, does not need to be seen as the villain of the story.

With intelligent strategies and simple changes to your routine, it is possible to optimize your use and, consequently, reduce overall energy consumption by up to 50%. Here are the promised tips to achieve these savings:

1. Short wash cycles

For clothes that have been barely used or are not visibly dirty, short wash cycles are best. They are sufficient for effective cleaning, consuming less water and energy.

2. Cold wash

Many machines have the option of washing with hot water, which although efficient, increases energy consumption. Choosing cold washing is a way to save energy without compromising the quality of the wash.

3. Load Detector

If your machine has a load detection function, make the most of it. This feature adjusts the wash cycle to the amount of clothes, avoiding wastage of water and energy.

4. Total Load

If the machine does not have a load detector, the tip is to wait until you have accumulated enough clothes for a full load. This way, you make better use of the machine’s capacity, reducing the frequency of washing and associated consumption.

Use our tips and save on your electricity bill

By implementing these tips, not only will your electricity bill be significantly reduced, but you will also be adopting more sustainable practices in your home.

Simple changes can lead to big savings, proving that with a little attention and care, it is possible to reduce expenses without major sacrifices.

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