Santander, Itaú, new bank and COLOSSAL purchase involving R$678 MILLION

The purchase of the new bank by Santander in a colossal deal worth R$678 million raises questions about the future of the new institution and its impacts on the banking market.

Surely you have already heard of Santander and Itaú. After all, these are two of the largest banks in all of Brazil. In fact, the first one was founded in the 19th century, in Spain.

Meanwhile, Itaú was founded in Brazil, but operates in other countries in South America. Few people know that both banks have already shared a piece of history, due to an astronomical purchase.

It all started in 2009, when Santander chose to buy another bank in Brazil. The purchase involved more than R$600 million.

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Everything about the million-dollar purchase of Santander

Founded in 1857 in Spain, Santander has established itself as one of the largest banks in the world, boasting a presence in more than 10 countries.

In Brazil, since 1982, it has been the third largest private bank in terms of total assets, boasting a robust customer base, exceeding 50 million account holders.

The range of financial products and services offered by Santander is comprehensive, serving both individuals and legal entities.

Current and savings accounts, investments, insurance, credit cards, loans and financing are just some examples of the solutions offered by the bank.

The main reason for its growth is linked to innovation and investment.

Meanwhile, Itaú has consolidated itself as one of the largest and most traditional banks in Brazil. Its customer base exceeds 50 million individuals and companies, who enjoy a wide range of financial products and services.

In 2009, the Spanish bank purchased the Real Tokyo bank. Thus, Santander became one of the largest supplementary pension companies in Brazil, surpassing Itaú. The purchase price was R$678 million.

How can I get credit from banks? Check out tips

Regardless of whether you have an account with Santander, Itaú or another bank, it is always good to have credit in the market. Check out some tips for this.

Maintain a good credit history

Your credit history is one of the first things banks look at. Paying bills on time and maintaining a good relationship with previous financial institutions are practices that contribute positively.

Organize your finances

Before applying for credit, have strict control over your finances. This includes knowing exactly how much you earn, how much you spend and how much you can commit to paying the desired credit.

Have a proven income

Banks generally require proof of income to assess an applicant’s ability to pay. Therefore, keep your income proof up to date and accessible.

Offer guarantees

Depending on the type of credit, offering guarantees can increase your chances of approval. This may include assets such as real estate, vehicles or even a guarantor.

Request only what is necessary

Requesting more credit than you really need can be seen by the bank as a risk. Assess your real need for credit and request an amount consistent with your payment capacity.

Maintain a good relationship with the bank

Customers who already have a positive history with the bank tend to have an easier time obtaining credit. Use this to your advantage by maintaining a stable, long-term relationship.

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