Retirement with low values? See if you can request a REVIEW of the benefit

Benefit review is the right of every INSS insured. Typically, it can help increase the payment amount, depending on the rule.

Did you know that it is possible to request a review of your retirement benefit with the INSS and possibly increase the amount received?

This is vital information for anyone looking to ensure that their social security rights are being fully met. Often, due to lack of knowledge or misinformation, we leave aside the chance to optimize our benefits. Check out!

Find out how to request a review of your INSS benefit to see if you can receive higher amounts in retirement! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Who can request a benefit review?

At first, it is common to have doubts about who is entitled to request a review of the benefit.

Basically, if you believe that your retirement calculation did not adequately consider all of your contributions or if there was any change in your conditions that could impact the amount received, such as the reclassification of professional activity to a higher risk category, you may be eligible for a review.

Demystifying processes

Overall, the review process may seem complex, but it is more accessible than many realize. Firstly, it is essential to gather all documentation that proves your contributions and, if applicable, the change in working conditions.

With these documents in hand, the next step is to contact the INSS to formalize the review request.

A valuable tip is to seek the help of a lawyer specialized in social security law, who can guide and speed up the process.

Avoid pitfalls when asking for a benefit review

In this context, it is crucial to be aware of information circulating on social media and other media, which can often be misleading or false.

Recently, untrue information was circulated about a supposed decree that would guarantee automatic retirement for people with certain health conditions, which was promptly denied.

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What benefits can be reviewed?

In short, several INSS social security benefits may be subject to review, including pensions based on age, contribution time and disability, as well as death pensions and sickness benefits.

This review may be requested if there is a suspicion that the initial calculation did not consider all contributions or if there were errors in the application of social security rules.

Beneficiaries who had periods of work under special conditions that were not initially recognized or legislative changes that affect the calculation of the benefit may also request a new analysis for a potential increase in the amount received.

What types of benefit review are there?

Some specific review rules include the "whole life review", which allows the retirement to be recalculated considering all of the insured person’s contributions, not just those after July 1994.

There is also the "black hole review", applicable to benefits granted between October 5, 1988 and April 5, 1991, which seeks to correct distortions in the application of the transition rules at the time.

These reviews aim to ensure that the benefit calculation is as fair and advantageous as possible for the insured.

Your right in focus

Remember that the right to review the benefit is a prerogative of all retirees who meet the conditions stipulated by social security legislation.

Therefore, if there are doubts or uncertainties regarding the value of your retirement, do not hesitate to seek guidance and take the necessary measures to ensure that your rights are respected.

After all, retirement is one of the pillars for a peaceful and secure life in old age, and ensuring that its value is fair and correct is everyone’s right.

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