Retirement amount may receive ADJUSTMENT in 2024; Is it necessary to request?

According to the Federal Government, Brazilians may receive an adjustment to their retirement this year. Understand the changes.

In 2024, Brazilian retirees may experience a significant change in the value of their pensions due to the possible approval of the "whole life review" by the Federal Supreme Court (STF).

This review proposes to recalculate social security benefits, considering previous salaries, and has the potential to change the financial scenario of many elderly people, promoting justice and equity in the country’s social security system.

Continue reading this article to find out who can access the adjustment in the retirement amount in 2024.

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Elderly guide: possible adjustment to the retirement amount in 2024

The Federal Supreme Court (STF) has a judgment on its agenda that could change the scenario for many Brazilian retirees.

The focus is on the so-called "lifelong review", which proposes a reassessment of INSS pension values, including old salaries in the calculation of social security benefits.

This review, approved in December 2022, is now under scrutiny and may be readjusted in 2024, offering a new lease of life for many elderly people.

Understanding the impact of the review

The whole life review is a response to the practice of the social security factor, implemented to discourage requests for early retirement but which ended up significantly reducing benefit values.

With the 2019 pension reform, the situation changed a little, but the application of the pension factor still remains for specific cases.

The lawsuit under trial highlights how this complex and non-transparent formula can drastically reduce what many Brazilians receive after years of contributions.

Who is entitled to the adjustment?

The right to review the value of retirement covers a variety of benefits granted since 1999, including retirement based on contribution time, age, special, disability, sickness benefit and death pension.

However, before seeking justice to apply the review, it is essential to carry out detailed calculations to ensure that the change will, in fact, be advantageous.

The review process

The action that is about to be judged by the STF could have broad ramifications, affecting the value of retirement and how calculations are carried out.

With different types of review carried out by the INSS, such as the ceiling, the "black hole", and the disability benefit, the whole life review stands out for its potential to correct a long history of calculations that many consider unfair.

Check the INSS calendar

For now, there is no way of knowing whether there will be an adjustment in the retirement amount. But, you can now check this month’s payment calendar.

Check the INSS calendar for those who receive up to the minimum wage.

Beneficiaries with ending 1 will receive it on February 23rd;Beneficiaries with ending 2 will receive it on February 26th;Beneficiaries with ending 3 will receive it on February 27th;Beneficiaries with ending 4 will receive it on February 28th;Beneficiaries with ending final 5 will receive on February 29th;Beneficiaries with final 6 will receive on March 1st;Beneficiaries with final 7 will receive on March 4th;Beneficiaries with final 8 will receive on March 5th;Beneficiaries with final 9 will receive it on March 6th; Beneficiaries with ending 0 will receive it on March 7th.

Check the INSS calendar for those who receive more than the minimum wage.

Beneficiaries with endings 1 and 6 will receive it on March 1st; Beneficiaries with endings 2 and 7 will receive it on March 4th; Beneficiaries with endings 3 and 8 will receive it on March 5th; Beneficiaries with endings 4 and 9 will receive on March 6th; Beneficiaries with endings 5 ​​and 0 will receive it on March 7th.

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