residual batch of IRPF refund is still available, see how to check

Check now if you are one of those benefiting from the residual batch of IRPF refund! Simple and quick information to access your expected refund.

Imagine discovering that there is extra money available to you, just at a time when it could make all the difference.

It is exactly this opportunity that now presents itself with the residual batch of IRPF refunds. Yes, you read that right!

There are still Income Tax refunds waiting for their owners. And who knows, maybe one of those owners is you? See below.

There are still IRPF refunds available for withdrawal! Find out how to consult and secure your extra money easily and quickly. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

NEW residual batch of IRPF refund

The IRS has just announced news that is music to the ears of thousands of Brazilians.

An impressive total of R$304.1 million is ready to be deposited into the accounts of 208,323 taxpayers.

That’s right, a significant amount that could be within your reach. Imagine the relief, joy, or even the realization of a plan that this money can bring.

The distribution of this amount has a date set and is closer than you think. This amount could be the light at the end of the tunnel for many, a real reason to smile.

Whether it’s to pay those overdue bills, invest in a personal project or simply to breathe a sigh of relief in your budget, the IRPF refund comes as a welcome relief.

Within this released amount, a generous portion of R$208.9 million is directed to those who have priority in receiving it.

We are talking about seniors over 80 years old, people between 60 and 79 years old, those facing challenges due to physical disabilities or serious illnesses, and dedicated teachers.

The remaining R$95.1 million is reserved for other taxpayers, who are also eagerly awaiting this good news.

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How to check the residual batch of IRPF refund?

It couldn’t be easier. In the digital age, the Federal Revenue Service offers online tools for you to check the availability of your refund.

Just access the official website or, if you prefer, use the smartphone app. Simple, right?


With just a few clicks, you find out if you are among those covered and, even better, the payment goes directly to the bank account you indicated in your declaration or via PIX key.

But what if there is an unforeseen event and the money does not reach your account? No problem! If for any reason, such as a deactivated bank account, the deposit is not completed, the amount is not lost.

It will be waiting for you at Banco do Brasil, available for redemption for an entire year. To access it, you can visit the bank’s portal or contact the BB Relationship Center.

Missed the deadline?

What if time passes and you don’t claim your refund within that one year period? There is still a solution.

A simple request made through the e-CAC Portal, on the Federal Revenue website, resolves the problem. So there is no excuse not to check your situation and claim what is rightfully yours.

So don’t let this opportunity pass you by. This residual batch of IRPF refund could be the push you needed to put your plans into action or simply bring a little more financial peace of mind.

Check your eligibility, and who knows, you might end the day with one more reason to smile? After all, pleasant surprises like this don’t come along every day.

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