RELEASED payment to workers through CAIXA; CPFs with endings from 1 to 9 can now celebrate

Check out the news: CAIXA releases PIS/Pasep payments for Brazilian workers, providing financial relief. Find out how to guarantee your benefit and avoid queues at withdrawal!

On February 19th, excellent news positively shook the national scenario: CAIXA announced the release of the long-awaited PIS/Pasep payments for Brazilian workers.

This is a measure eagerly awaited by many, especially for those whose CPF numbers end in 1 to 9, who can now celebrate the prospect of receiving their benefits.

In the following lines, we will reveal the main details about payment, such as dates, amounts and requirements. So, keep reading.

Stay informed: CPFs with endings 1 to 9 can now receive PIS/Pasep payments through CAIXA. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /


PIS/Pasep, created to promote the integration and social development of workers, is an essential initiative of the Federal Government.

While PIS is aimed at private sector workers, Pasep benefits public servants.

In turn, the distribution of these benefits is managed by Caixa Econômica Federal and Banco do Brasil, respectively.

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Rules and criteria for receiving CAIXA payment

The criteria for receiving the PIS/Pasep salary bonus are clear and direct. Firstly, beneficiaries must be enrolled in the programs for at least five years.

It is also necessary to have worked with a formal contract for 30 days or more in the base year, which in the current case is 2022.

Furthermore, the average salary income must not exceed two minimum wages and labor data must be registered in the Annual Social Information List (Rais).

CAIXA payment calendar

The PIS/Pasep payment calendar follows a meticulous organization, based on the worker’s date of birth.

This ensures an equitable distribution of resources throughout the year, providing the opportunity for all beneficiaries to receive their benefits at the appropriate time.

The bonus values ​​vary according to the length of service in the base year, ranging from R$117.67 to R$1,412.00. Look:

Benefit Value (R$) Months worked
117,67 1 month
235,34 2 months
353,01 3 months
470,68 Four months
588,35 5 months
706,02 6 months
823,69 7 months
941,36 8 months
1.059,03 9 months
1.176,7 10 months
1.294,37 11 months
1.412 12 months

How to withdraw PIS/PASEP?

In general, the process for withdrawing the salary bonus varies depending on the type of employment of the worker.

While private sector workers make withdrawals through Caixa Econômica Federal, public servants use Banco do Brasil.

To make the withdrawal, you must present your PIS or Pasep number, as well as an identification document with a photo.

However, to optimize the withdrawal process and avoid queues, it is recommended to use digital resources offered by banks, such as applications and websites, to check balances and schedule withdrawals.

Furthermore, the use of ATMs or bank correspondents can provide more convenience and speed in the process.

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