Registration for SiSU 2024 is about to begin and will last until the 7th; know more!

If you took the Enem in 2024, keep an eye on updates on SiSu 2024 registrations! See all details about the registration process.

The Unified Selection System (SiSU) is one of the most awaited moments for students from all over Brazil who want a place in public higher education.

And, after intense anticipation, the SiSU 2024 results were finally released yesterday (31), an announcement that was accompanied by the news that enrollments will begin immediately! Below, you can check how to register.

Are SiSu 2024 registrations already open? Credit: plasticaxe.

What is SiSu? Because it’s important?

SiSU is the main gateway to federal and state universities and federal institutes of education, science and technology across the country.

Using scores from the National High School Exam (Enem), SiSU democratizes access to higher education, providing equal opportunities for students from all Brazilian regions.

Its importance is indisputable, representing the chance to transform lives through education for many young people.

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When do SiSu 2024 registrations begin?

With the results now available, successful candidates should pay attention to the registration period, which runs from the 2nd to the 7th of February.

Each university will publish, in its official means of communication, specific guidelines on times, places and days for academic registration, making it essential that students closely follow these updates.

The SiSu 2024 waiting list

For those who were not selected in the regular call, there is still hope through the waitlist.

The deadline to express interest in this opportunity is now open and continues until February 7th, being carried out exclusively through the Single Portal for Access to Higher Education (

How many people will apply for vacancies?

This edition of SiSU had 1,271,301 registered candidates, using their Enem 2023 scores to compete for more than 264 thousand vacancies offered.

This was the highest participation rate since 2017, reflecting growing student interest in the program.

Registration for SiSu 2024 enrollment

Registration for SiSU 2024 took place between January 22nd and 25th, marking the first time that the system operated in a single annual edition.

The available places covered degrees in 127 higher education institutions throughout Brazil, demonstrating the scope and diversity of the program.

To be eligible for SiSU, candidates needed to have completed high school, participated in Enem 2023, not have completed the essay and not have signed up as trainers.

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Complete SiSu 2024 schedule

Finally, to make everything more practical, we will show below the complete SiSu 2024 schedule, with all the dates for students:

Registration: 22 to 25/01Result: 31/01First call registrations: 02 to 07/02Expression of interest on the waiting list: 30/01 to 07/02

This moment represents a significant milestone in the academic lives of many young people, opening doors to the future and enabling access to quality higher education.

For those approved, it’s time to prepare the documentation and follow the universities’ instructions to guarantee your place. For those still waiting for a chance on the waiting list, it is a time of hope and expectation.

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