Ready for Carnival? See how to prevent ASSAULTS and enjoy it without fear!

Carnival is a much-awaited time for Brazilians, but it is important to be careful about theft, especially cell phone theft.

Carnival is a time of joy and fun, but requires special attention to safety to avoid unforeseen events. After all, it is also a time when there are several robberies.

With this in mind, the Santa Catarina Military Police shared valuable tips for you to enjoy the festivities with peace of mind. See what they are below!

Carnival is a time of fun, but it’s good to be careful about possible robberies! / Photo: Fernando Frazão – Agência Brasil

The 2023 São Paulo Carnival was marked by a high number of robberies and cell phone thefts, with the Public Security Secretariat recording 3,486 incidents.

Despite being an alarming number, there was a drop compared to the pre-pandemic years of 2020 and 2019. Thanks to Operation Dagger, which resulted in the capture of 1,089 individuals with outstanding arrest warrants, it is believed that there was a reduction in crimes.

Drones were used to identify suspicious behavior, helping to approach and arrest criminals.

Almost 70% of theft incidents last year involved cell phones, highlighting the importance of security and awareness strategies. For this reason, it is good to be careful not to lose your belongings.

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Tips to avoid robberies during Carnival

Now, if you’re still thinking about enjoying Carnival, a good tip is to opt for strategies that help protect yourself. See below!

Pay attention to your belongings

The golden rule is not to take valuables to blocks and street parties. Opt for fanny packs or cross-body bags and keep your belongings always in sight.

Avoid storing cell phones and wallets in the back pockets of your pants or in easily accessible bags.

Choose your transport wisely

Prefer to use transport services via app and always check the driver and vehicle details before boarding.

Avoid accepting rides from unaccredited people who offer transportation at the end of parties, as this is a common scenario for scams.

Be careful with alcohol consumption

Excessive alcohol consumption not only impairs your judgment but also makes you an easy target for criminals.

Stay aware of your limits and always be accompanied by reliable friends.

Protect your banking details

When using credit or debit cards, be discreet and do not allow other people to handle your cards.

Prefer to make payments in fixed locations, where, in case of any problem, you will know exactly where to look for solutions.

Pay attention during Carnival!

By following these tips, you will be able to enjoy Carnival with much more safety and joy, preventing the party from turning into a headache.

Remember that prevention is always the best strategy to ensure that the festivities are only synonymous with good times!

Also take care of your body during the festivities

Finally, Carnival is synonymous with freedom and relaxation, but we cannot forget about health! Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water to offset sweating and heat. Wear light clothing and sunscreen to protect yourself from UV rays.

Eat a balanced diet, opting for light and nutritious snacks that will give you energy without weighing you down. Rest is essential: respect your body, resting whenever necessary.

And remember: moderation in alcohol consumption and attention to personal safety ensure that the party is filled with only good memories. Take care of yourself and enjoy wisely!

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